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YOUGOSLAVIE: Suicide of a European nation for ToT 2018-08-15

Civ-2 ToT Scenario

  1. gapetit
    Yugoslav.png François Baire's "YOUGOSLAVIE: Suicide of a European nation" scenario for FW converted to Test of Time.
    Yugoslavia burst because of rival nationalism's which entails wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.
    This scenario is quite easy with Serbs, it's much more difficult with Bosnians or Kosovars. If you want to play with N.A.T.O., you'll have to be patient because they interfere only if there are slaughters done by Serbs and their cities have no production.
    In the reality, although Kosovo is a self-governing region it takes part of Serbia Republic. In order to describe the war in Kosovo, it is independent in this scenario. On the other hand, Montenegro (in the scenario it is the area owned by Serbs near the sea) is a republic of the federal state. As i was limited to 7 civilizations, i decided to incorporate it to Serbia because it has been a satellite of the most powerful republic of Yugoslavia.
    Petit changes and new units by Fairline and Tanelorn.
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  1. Tanelorn
    Version: 2018-02-09