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Yulia Tymoshenko 2016-10-05

Yulia Tymoshenko

  1. The_J
    A Yulia Tymoshenko leaderhead, uses Catherine as basis (incl. some of the animations, which is a bit weird since the LH doesn't have a pigtail).
    This LH is NOT mine. I don't know anymore where I got it, and it's not available in the obvious packs, so I decided to upload it separately.
    If anyone knows the author, then please let me know.
    EDIT: dacubz told me that the LH is from CivGold, but the real author is still not know.

    The background in the attached example image is not the one included in the download (sorry, used another one due to another purpose).


    1. tymoshenko_yhG.jpg