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Yumi Samurai 2016-10-05

Yumi Samurai

  1. zenspiderz
    My 5th unit creation inspired by documentary about kyudo which the samurai martial art of archery. The bow used by samurai was as superior over other bows as the katana was over other swords. This bow called the yumi was a compound recurve longbow for maximum power, uniquely the arrow position was about 1/3rd the way up lenght of bow, making the bow asymetrical, short at bottom but very long on top. This had the effect of improving dispersion of shock waves from firing the bow as well as making it practical when firing from horseback (not possible with any other longbow).

    This model is less than 900 polys, has 2 textures one 128 and the other 32, has shadered fx version, button, team colour, blood effects, custom animations, and custom arrow effect.

    the model shoots with bow AND fights with katana.




    1. yumipic_pww.jpg