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Zebra 9's Additions 2016-10-05

Description: This MOD increases Map sizes so that the width is twice the height as well as keeping the original map sizes & adds a new map size (Zebra 9's Monster). It also adds a double of each difficulty level (mostly to balance the larger maps) that increases the number of barbarians, the chance of an AI declaring war, the number of free units & cities, unit cost, & increases the chance of getting a bad goody. It also adds 2 new civs to the Game, Israel, lead by David, & Byzantium, lead by Basil II, or Theodora. It also adds 3 new units, the Interplanetary Destroyer, Merkava (Israel's UU), & the Dromon (Byzantium's UU) & 2 alien units, the UFO & the Land Speeder. There are also 4 new buildings, the Summer Palace, Winter Palace, Theodosian Walls (Byzantium's UB), & the Kosher Deli (Israel's UB). I have also changed the scale of all of the units as well as creating new formations for almost every unit. Each leader now has 3 traits making for interesting leader selection. I increased the spread rates for Christianity & Islam because they did not spread fast enough to resemble history. I have also added Aliens, Generals, Promotions From Combat, Randomly Founded Religions, and Multiple Starting Tech Settings, 5 Ruler type civics, and 3 new Techs, all discussed below:goodjob:. Oh, I also had to totally redo the tech tree, what a head ache!
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