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ZipWorld Vanilla (for Civ II) 2016-10-05

ZipWorld Vanilla (for Civ II)

  1. Greizer85
    A new world map for Civ II (MGE, but it should work in any version). Made with smaller games in mind, with accurate land forms, terrain, and even resources for the most part.
    Map size is 48 x 92 = 4416 squares, about 10 % larger than a Standard sized map. Europe and Japan have been enlarged and the oceans shrunk down greatly for enhanced gameplay. Map should work well in multiplayer due to balanced starting locations, although no testing has been performed. Enjoy playing and please provide feedback. :)


    --- Greizer85

    P.S. 'Vanilla' in the map name is only because I may make a Scenario using this map. This is the only version for now, with no altered rules whatsoever.

    EDIT: 20/01/2014: A superior version uploaded, please re-download. I won't do too many updates, but there may be some in the future. :)
    Edit2: 25/01/2014: Final update for the moment (months at least). Added a northern passageway in Russia and made some further places a bit more habitable.


    1. 1_I47.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jarek Noschese
    Jarek Noschese
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Pretty decent map overall

    Still trying to win it on Prince, though (I've already done it on Warlord AT LEAST 1-2 times, and have done the SMALL map of Earth that COMES WITH Civ2 on Prince)