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zModular Python 2016-10-05

zModular Python

  1. Zebra 9
    zModular Python

    Version: 1.0
    Creator: Zebra 9
    What Is It: MOD COMP for MOD COMPs or more specificly the most wonderful thing to hit Civ IV since Final Frontier
    Is It MP Compatable: Only if the zModule(s) that you are running are


    A MOD COMP that allows MODers to make Drag and Drop python MOD COMPs called zModules. This is not standalone and is not intended to be used by non MODers (although you will reap the benefits). It is mainly intended for MODs but if you want to use it to run a zModule (a drag and drop Python MOD COMP) see below.


    Copy the files to you MODs python directory and you are all set to drag and drop.
    Again, this is intended mainly for MODs but if you want to use it to play with a zModule just create a directory in your My Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword/MODS directory. Inside of the directory that you created make a folder named Assets, inside of it make a directory named Python, then paste this MOD COMP in there along with your zModules.


    Dr. Elmer Giggle for the Event Manager system
    Civfanatics for inspiring me to learn python

    Enjoy :goodjob:

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