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Zombie Elephants 2016-10-05

Zombie Elephants

  1. Supa

    1.0. Uploaded 19th October 2011.
    1.1. Uploaded 21th October 2011.
    + Two new smaller (85%) Zombie & Rotten Elephants.
    + New Units_32
    + Zombie Elephant smoke shades bug fixed (run).
    + Rotten Elephant smoke shades bug fixed (run, default, fortify).
    + Rotten Elephant trunk bug fixed (all FLC).
    + Rotten Elephant head transparency issue fixed (all FLC).
    + Rotten Elephant run speed modified.
    + r128.pcx fixed
    1.2 Uploaded 22th October 2011.
    + Fixed Civ3FLC bug
    -- Rotten Elephant (all FLC - except default)
    -- Rotten Elephant (Small) (all FLC - except default)
    -- Zombie Elephant (all FLC)
    -- Zombie Elephant (Small) (all FLC)


    1. z128_8lY.png
    2. ze_8vz.gif
    3. r128_mhS.png
    4. re_7Ch.gif