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zResource Promotions v0.1 2016-10-05

zResource Promotions v0.1

  1. Zebra 9
    zResource Promotions v0.1

    Version: v0.1
    Type: Python MOD COMP w/ INI config
    Compatability: Warlords (BtS Maybe, hoping)
    Multiplayer: Maybe, would require all human players to have the same copy
    Descussion: Here

    This allows anyone who has an understanding of how to use INI files to give units promotion when the player has a certain resource. For example if I set the INI config w/ code like such:
    Now when the player has iron all of their Swordsmen (Praetorians also count as swordsmen) will receive Combat 5. Now so you know this doesn't remove promotions.

    How to use:
    This is probably my most user friendly MOD COMP ever. You can enter bonus types, promotion types, and unit classes as their in game name (ie. Warrior instead of UNITCLASS_WARRIOR or Combat III instead of PROMOTION_COMBAT3). Now even though this works on unit classes you can enter a unit type and it will automatically get the unitclass (ie. You could put UNIT_QUECHUA instead of UNITCLASS_WARRIOR or you could put Samuri instead of UNITCLASS_MACEMAN). Now the INI coding is very simple. In the option tag (the tag that looks like [UNITCLASS_WARRIOR], has square braces around it) tells what unitclass the following information goes for. Next you can place the values. This is done by putting the resource type (ie. BONUS_IRON or you could put Iron) then an equals sign telling what promotion this resource gives. So some example code looks like this:
    Iron = Combat5
    stone = Combat III
    COPPER = Combat V
    This should be strait forward enough. It gives swordsmen Combat V when the player has iron, Combat IV when the player has copper, and Combat III w/ stone. Now it also gives axemen Combat V w/ copper, and Combat IV w/ stone. Then lastly we have warriors getting Combat V w/ stone. Now there is one more thig that can be done. We can tell the game only to give the promotion to the unit if they are inside of their cultural borders. This is done by adding the boolean value True (or yes, 1, or ok) after the promotion type. The resultant line would look like Iron = Combat V, True.

    Ambreville for the idea
    Dr. Elmer Jiggle's for the INI parser
    Firaxis for this most awesome game
    And course the whole civfanatics community