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Zulu extra units 2016-10-05

A few extra Zulu/African units: Cannon, War Elephant, Paratrooper, Antitank

I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THESE, all the hard work was done by other people

The War Elephant is an amalgam of the EDU team's excellent African elephant (check out the big ears!) and Chugginator's superb Zulu War Elephant carriage. I just fixed a very minor texture error, and changed the colouring slightly.

The cannon is the cannon with rifleman operator (reboned by danrell, I believe) and Bakuel's incredible African grenadier skin. I just changed the colourscheme a bit.

The paratrooper is just the original skin with an African face and skin. The antitank has now been updated with more of a light olive uniform so that it doesn't quite look so much like the African Wehrmacht :p

Cannon: cannon
War Elephant: Warelephant_carthage
Paratrooper: Paratrooper
Antitank: WWAntitankinfantry
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