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Zulu units 2016-10-05

Zulu units

  1. Polycrates
    A few what-if Zulu units (plus a slight reskin of someone else's African spearman). Has crossbow, longbow, maceman, knight, javelineer and pikeman.
    Uses animations:
    Crossbow: Crossbow
    Longbow: Longbow
    Knight: Heavycavalry (included)
    Maceman: Dog Soldier
    Spearman: Spearman or Impi (two different nifs included)
    Javelineer: Mongolian_javelinthrower (included)
    Pikeman: Spearman

    EDIT: I re-uploaded with replaced animation files for the knight (someone reported problems). If it still doesn't animate properly, point the animation link to the heavycavalry.kfm in the Charlemagne_heavycavalry directory in the BTS art assets.