43-civ dll

  1. C

    More than 22 Civs in Multiplayer?

    Is there any way to get more than 22 Civs in Multiplayer? I'm trying to play the Giant earth map with a friend (using this awesome mapscript https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/civ5map-lua-play-the-world-extended-brave-new-world-edition.503633/), but I simply couldn't find any way to play...
  2. NikMuazHakim

    [BNW] NMH VP(43-CIV & EUI) + more mods!

    Introduction: This Modpack incorperated Community Patch Project + more mods! It's intended for those who want to use the CPP in multiplayer (online and hotseat), but you can also use it in Singleplayer to earn achievements in a modded game or as an alternative in case you are encountering any...
  3. Gazebo

    DLC Modpack Repository

    Hey all, As the old Modpack repository is now out-of-date (and I can't manage it myself), I've decided to have it unstickied and create one of my own. I'll do my best to keep it up to date. This will contain links to working modpacks for the latest version. If you wish to create a modpack...
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