1. O

    Help with Installing a modpack for singleplayer

    Hi all, This is the first time I've attempted to create a modpack for use in single-player games. I want to earn achievements while playing with my favorite mods, so I found these threads on creating and installing modpacks.
  2. Recursive

    POLL: Does anyone want/use the achievement/steam stat code?

    There's a bunch of leftover code/memory in the DLL relating to achievements and Steam stats. Achievements don't work in modded games, but when VP is used as a modpack, it's possible for it to continue to unlock achievements and increment Steam stats. Is there anyone out there who wants this...
  3. J

    Question about the data found in the file: 'Achievments.log'

    In the file: Achievments.log I found such information, does anyone know how to identify the data whose achievements are really related? What do these numbers mean, / is there any achievement list somewhere numbered to match this data? [1527220.968] Achievements: Unlocked - NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_4_16...
  4. Leonardo Marques

    Help with achievement bug

    Hey guys, yesterday I won a game with France at the Deity difficulty level. While I got the achievement to "win as Catarina de Medici", I did not get the "God-Like" achievement. I have some mods and every DLC, except for Gathering Storm, and was playing with the Rise & Fall rules set. Can anyone...
  5. C

    Achievement Ideas!

    After watching some videos on idioms and Roman history, I have an idea for an achievement for Civ 6: Nero's Requiem Activate a great musician while at least half of a cities districts are completely damaged. LMK what y'all think and post your own ideas!
  6. WillowBrook

    Vesuvius achievement help

    The "walls kept tumbling down" achievement requires that at least six pop be killed in one Vesuvius eruption. My Vesuvius keeps taking out only one pop. Looking for suggestions or reasons why any of the following is or is not the reason. Note: I'm playing Rome, and my city immediately adjacent...
  7. Kyriakos

    What did you achieve this year? 2019 edition

    Quite predictably, an annual thread... So, what did you achieve in 2019? As for me: Positive: - three new books -translations- printed (well, to be pedantic, the third is to appear this November) - translated another book - contracted to complete (and did so) an online lit seminar, which...
  8. Kyriakos

    What did you achieve this year? 2018 edition

    Quite predictably, an annual thread... So, what did you achieve in 2018? As for me: - got hired by a large publisher, as translator - translated three new books - close to working for an even more prestigious publisher Negative achievement: - live in athens
  9. T

    R&F Unearned Achievements

    Here's a new one? In the past few days I earned two achievement I should not have. A few days ago, I purposely set out to earn Metroplex - completely surround my Government Plaza with districts or wonders I earn at the start of the turn. I had three of those hexes filled when the badge popped...
  10. WillowBrook

    Trouble triggering trans-Siberian railroad achievement

    I've been working on a huge marathon game as Peter trying to get the trans-Siberian railroad achievement. Are there any hidden requirements? The description simply says: Playing as Russia, have a city that is at least 60 tiles away from your capital, connected by a Trade Route and road at the...
  11. Bosque


    I have been playing since Civ 1 in the early 90s. And I have lurked here for years, but only got around to signing up last fall, and have only made a few posts since then. I know a lot of CivFanatics don't care about Achievements. But I was thrilled when I hit 113 over the weekend. Of...
  12. T

    Silver Anniversary Achievement PSA

    [Note: I'm not quite sure where this thread belongs, but decided it wasn't *technically* a bug so I'm posting it here instead] So I recently had a start with enough silver to feasibly go for the Silver Anniversary achievement, but nearby AIs settled near some of the extra copies I needed. I...
  13. Jythri

    12 Olympians Achievement earnable as Gorgo?

    Just played a game on a duel map with the goal to get the 12 Olympians Achievement (must have 12 policy slots as Greece). Greece starts with a bonus Wildcard slot. Playing as Gorgo, I built Alhambra, Forbidden City and Potala Palace. Then added Big Ben for good measure. Ended up with 13...
  14. D

    Achievement save files for Civ VI

    Hi folks - a basic search hasn't turned up any results for achievement save files for Civ VI yet, in the same vein as the "Achievement Saves for the Lazy ..." thread for Civ V, so I was wondering if there was any interest in starting one now. I know it's important to come bearing gifts, so I'm...
  15. Cooleatack

    Do Mods disable Achievements? (Should they?)

    A quick question that I figured would spur some discussion; so I made it into its own thread. Civilization V had this feature and you could easily circumvent it by installing them as dlc, or reloading a previously modded save. So does Civilization VI block achievements when you have a mod...
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