1. P

    Civ VI is done. So how does Civ V look in comparison?

    I've been stuck with only a tablet for a bit, so went back and loaded up Civ V to see how it compared as a final product to Civ VI as a final product. It made me realize that for all the conveniences and improvements to Civ VI (an in-game clock!), there was always something about Civ VI that...
  2. AntSou

    Civ 7 Speculation: Fundamental changes.

    Civ 7 needs to be a significant enough departure from Civ 6 to justify the purchase. Here are some fundamental changes I speculate we'll see: 1. They'll replace the big leaders and complex movements with simplified portraits similar to Civ IV; 2. They'll ditch the millennial Civs/Leaders in...
  3. Zegangani

    Is it possible to grant Agendas with Buildings/Projects...etc via Modifiers?

    Like the Title says, Is it possible to grant a Civ/Leader an Agenda with Buildings/Projects or Policy Cards, while InGame? I mean, they are Modifiers that can be triggered via Buildings and co, so it should be possible, or not?
  4. K

    Mod has no effect, please help (sql)

    hello everyone having trouble getting this to work and have no idea what else to do I added dependencies: nothing added load order, high number: nothing switched from xml to sql: nothing checked the modding.log: no errors concerning this mod it should give the designated leaders a fixed hidden...
  5. TahamiTsunami

    How would you change Cyrus' agenda?

    I understand how the leader agendas only reflect one aspect of a leader's personality because trying to fit everything would make the agendas too complicated and it would also make so many leaders too similar to each other. However, many of us seem to agree that Civ VI's Cyrus, as cool as he is...
  6. Liufeng

    On agendas that prevent from playing

    - Alexander : Short Life of Glory Likes civilizations at war with powers other than Macedon. Has disdain for civilizations at peace. - Amanitore : City Planner Always tries to keep the maximum number of districts in each city. Respects other civilizations who also develop their cities in this...
  7. Corvus frugilegus

    Confused AI

    Hi all, I'm playing Greece in a rather unusual Civ 6 game at the moment (largest map, marathon speed, random continents with deeper than average water, increased luxury abundance, 24 city states, 4 AI players, and myself). Four of the real civilisations were spawned on the same continent and one...
  8. AnonymousSpeed

    Reverse Engineering Leader Agendas

    I heard somewhere that, in selecting leaders for Civ6, the developers first determined what sort of leader they wanted and then chose a leader which fit that desire. However, most people who present ideas for civilizations (or what I presume most people to do since it's what I do) take the...
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