1. Birdjaguar

    AI and Art

    Does It Matter to You if AI Makes a Work Of Art You Love? WSJ Readers Are Divided New tools amplify the efforts of artists and amateurs. Should this change how we feel about art? BY DEMETRIA GALLEGOS SOME ARTISTS, musicians and authors have dedicated themselves to years of grueling training...
  2. Blake00

    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri AI generated images

    User Damjan has posted over on the SMAC players facebook group pictures of SMAC colonists first arriving and inspecting Planets red fungus using AI generated images that look very cool!
  3. A

    [BNW] Questions from a noob modder

    Hi everyone, I know I've come pretty late to this platform, but I'm hoping someone can give me a little advice on my first custom civ for BNW. I'm planning on making the Bretons (not from Skyrim, the real Celtic people), and I've had a lot of fun working out the AI flavours and creating a cross...
  4. Jatofi

    How to set up everything for district art?

    Ive made a unique district, and set up its functionality. Now what? Ive heard about some artdef files, but how exactly should continue? Could you please help me on the district creation or send me a link to a guide. Thank you My project is in the attachement.
  5. merijn_v1

    Energy Academy 2021-02-01

    A model of the Energy Academy Europe building, Groningen The Netherlands. Requested by @Zeta Nexus I recommend using the scales provided in the xml. Forum Zeta Nexus created a wondermovie for this buildings.
  6. sleepground123

    [BTS] Fpk file

    Someone said that there should be 3-4 FPK files in Civ4 BTS, but I only found one named Art0.FPK(~300MB). Are there any other FPK I missed? Also, the CityLSystem references asian.nif and greco_roman.nif, both not present in Art0.FPK. I used PakBuild to unpack the FPK, and I have Steam version...
  7. Jaey

    Please Help - Missing Plantation .fxsxml and .gr2s

    I've spent hours in Dragon UnPACKer 5 poring over the .fpk files trying to find Plantation_MID_Dye.fxsxml and its corresponding .gr2 file. It seems I've encountered every other improvement in the game except for this one. The Civ5 Improvement ArtDefines .xml file seems to provide a clue in...
  8. B

    Smaller City Buildings

    So my idea is that I want the cities to look smaller. That is, more buildings in the city center but each are scaled to like 10-20% and the amount is multiplied by 5. My question is: is this possible? Im just wondering if anyone tried something similar and if you had any success. Or perhaps...
  9. B

    Texture Packs

    So. I have seen firaxis employees respond on here before. This idea is really for them, as I believe it is currently impossible. Make a new type of mod project in modbuddy or somewhere, that allows you to save changes to textures. I want to be able to open up the texture file in gimp, and just...
  10. B

    De-Colored Districts [Request/Help]

    Decolored-Districts ------------------------------------------------- So this will probably be my third and hopefully final post on this What I need help with is learning how to inject my changes into the actual game. ---------------------------- My goal is to make it so most districts and...
  11. paisvalencia

    Would someone take a look at my code?

    So I've been working on this mod project for Aragon. The gameplay is up and running, but the UI still doesn't appear no matter what I do. I've been playing around with it for several months now and I'm very much frustrated. If someone could take a look at my code and tell me what I'm doing...
  12. paisvalencia

    Icons unable to load

    So, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Whatever I do, I get mystery (?) icons on everything, the leader backgrounds don't load etc. The rest of the mod works well, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  13. SpaceCommunist

    [GS] Unit art is causing the game to crash!

    Hey all, I'm attempting to (finally) update one of my mods for Gathering Storm, but there's an issue - the game keeps crashing to desktop at the dawn of man screen! I've had trouble like this before in the past so it's almost certainly an issue with the artdefines or their reference in the mod...
  14. RFormica

    Doing art requests

    Hello, I have been making mods for Civ6 for over 2 years now. I have made 8 alternate leader/civilization mods and contributed to many others. Unfortunately, I haven't had as much free time lately, so I haven't been able to put out much content. However, I'd still like to continue to some...
  15. King Phaedron

    Classic Art Deception - Were Leonardo Da Vinci paintings actually prints?

    So called Classic Art may not be as cut and dry as it seems...
  16. F

    [Solved] Civ and leader icons not appearing in game.

    I am working on my first mod and have managed to get it to work, but I cannot figure out why the leader and civ icons and background aren't appearing in game, despite the unit and district icons showing up just fine. They all appear during the civ select screen while creating a game, only the...
  17. adan_eslavo

    City-States Leaders for VP v21.2

    Link to the original mod Adaptation of the mod to VP, Unique City-States and some civilization mods (Israel, Sumer, the Timurids and the Papal States). Special credits go to @mihaifx and @Nutty - the base mod creators. Thanks go also to many art creators, especially @Mosile and @janboruta...
  18. merijn_v1

    Chateau Frontenac 2018-08-26

    A model of the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada.âteau_Frontenac I recommend using the scales provided in the xml. Forum Credits to this model
  19. merijn_v1

    Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church)/ JS Bach Church 2018-08-19

    A model of the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany. It is the church of JS Bach.,_Leipzig I recommend using the scales provided in the xml. Forum Credits to this model
  20. merijn_v1

    Kazimierz (Old Synagogue Krakow) 2018-08-14

    A model of the Old Synagogue in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, Poland. Build from scratch, but with inspiration of hrochland's model. I recommend using the scales provided in the xml. Forum
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