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  1. O

    Error starting Asset Editor

    Hello all, Hopefully a easy question someone will be able to answer. I am trying to open the asset editor but I get a dialog box with the following error: --------------------------- Civilization VI ModBuddy --------------------------- Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files...
  2. W

    Unable to open Asset Editor

    I am unable to open Asset Editor, it tells me that there is "Invalid base game assets path". The entire message is down below. Invalid base game assets path "E:\SteamProgramFiles\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI SDK\AssetModTools\Cooker". Usage: AssetEditor.exe PathToGameInstall...
  3. Milennin

    Cannot launch Asset Editor

    When trying to open the Asset Editor from ModBuddy, there's a red text in the log saying 'Error: Failed to start bug submission'. When trying to open it from the explorer, there's a pop-up error saying 'Incorrect number of arguments!' followed by a bunch of stuff I can screenshot if it's...
  4. G

    Asset Editor Crashing at Start Up

    I am attempting to start some light Civ6 modding but whenever I try to start the Asset Editor it crashes at "Initializing all components..." Does anyone know how or why this issue occurs?
  5. F

    Asset editor doesn't load

    I tried to load the asset editor a couple of times but I get this message every single time: "Assert Failed File: c:\buildagent\work\acf3423fb2e59e7\civtech\libs\string\common\String_PlatformFunctions.h Line: 1192 Expression: eResult == Platform::ConvertString_CalcLength Message: Time...
  6. Noxempire

    [GS] Repurpose DLC Assets?

    As far as I am aware you can't directely open and edit DLC Content (-Aztecs) in the Asset Editor Is there still any way to change the behaviour of the Armor? For example, I want to make a Land unit which uses the Tagma Armor, but of course If It's just floating mid air when equiped to a...
  7. B


    Okay im going to keep this short as I assume the lack of response to my other posts is due to their daunting length. I want to develop a mod that alters a single '.dds' texture file. That is all. As it stands, I have looked at MANY tutorials, and examined dozens of different mods to try and...
  8. J

    Asset Editor error on launch: Incorrect number of arguments!

    When I open AssetEditor.exe from Windows Explorer (D:\...\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI SDK\AssetModTools\AssetEditor) I get a splash screen which reads "Constructing components" and then an error appears stating "Incorrect number of arguments!" My only option is to click OK and the...
  9. Scapeh

    Changing animation WMDs?

    Hi, I'm a bit stuck on finding out if it's possible to actually define what animation a WMD uses. I have currently been able to resize existing animations no problem, and add a new WMD to the game, enable it to launch from silos, add it to the top banner etc. By default this new WMD uses the...
  10. ambelgra

    [R&F] Help with UAV Unit

    So I haven't played Civ 6 in a while and a mod I made about a year ago needed to be updated (get rid of the compatibility errors). Everything seems good except these cook errors I'm getting on a unique unit for my leader Starting AssetCooker... OPENCL ACCELERATION IS NOT AVAILABLE! Your cooks...
  11. Dunkeulbock

    [Vanilla] Asset Editor : 'Error: MEF CompositionException'

    When I launch Asset Editor from ModBuddy with my mod open I get this error : Error: MEF CompositionException: Impossible d'obtenir l'exportation 'Firaxis.ATF.ThemeServiceCommands (ContractName="Sce.Atf.IInitializable")' du composant 'Firaxis.ATF.ThemeServiceCommands'. ("Impossible d'obtenir...
  12. SpaceCommunist

    Asset Editor/Previewer crashes when creating/opening .ast files

    Basically, the title. I know AssEd is prone to crashing a lot, but now it just flat out won't work when the Asset Previewer starts to open. I've tried doing everything I can find in this thread, as well as everything I can imagine. I've deleted the Asset Editor folder in AppData, I've updated...
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