1. Blake00

    Attila's Conquest I - Play As Barbarians Scenario (CivDOS & CivWin) 1.0

    About: @Blake00 's new play as the 8th Barbarian faction slot versus the regular 7 Civs Scenario. Zip contents: CIVIL0.MAP - Barbarian CivDOS save file CIVIL0.SVE - Barbarian CivDOS save file CIVIL1.MAP - Roman CivDOS save file (Pre-Barb cheat compatible with JCivED) CIVIL1.SVE - Roman CivDOS...
  2. Blake00

    Attila's Conquest I - Play As Barbarians Civilization 1 Scenario (CivDOS & CivWin)

    It's the 30th anniversary of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 this month so I thought I'd finally release my Attila's Conquest 1 – Play As Barbarians Scenario for both CivDOS & CivWin. This scenario is the first in a series where I attempt to play as the 8th Barbarian slot in each Civ game via hacks...
  3. SirMediocrity

    Huns Civilization Mod Project

    Hello there! I'm working on a civilization mod for the Huns. I'm aiming to make them a super-aggressive early game domination-oriented civilization, with a knack for cavalry units. They'll also have capital-shifting mechanics similar to Phoenicia in order to give them a nomadic feel. Likewise...
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