1. Hinin

    Hinin's Imazighen (Dihya al-Kahina) for VP

    The Imazighen Download here (requires Vox Populi 2.1 or later) Leader - Dihya al-Kahina UA - Moon and Sun Cannot construct Farms or :c5food: Food Buildings. Cities have access to :trade: Food Internal Trade Routes, convert 15% of their :c5gold: Gold output into :c5food: Food and :trade: Trade...
  2. Hinin

    Hinin's Imazighen (Dihya al-Kahina) for VP v.3

    Adds the Imazighen, led by Dihya al-Kahina, to Vox Populi. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP. To talk about it Research bases : - Britannica - World History Encyclopedia : sources checked beforehand Artistic Credits (all rights reserved for the original authors) : - Christos Giannopoulos...
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