1. K

    [BNW] Kevvy's Modpack

    Kevvy's Modpack This modpack is available on Steam. Either search there for 'Kevvy's Modpack' or go here: A collection of simple mods that buff weak game components. Base benefits remain unless stated otherwise. Currently modded...
  2. MariusMagnus

    Adventure Time - The Grasslands 8.0

    The Hero of Ooo is ready to lead in Civilization V! UA: Hero of Ooo - Receive Gold and Food in your capital upon meeting a City-State. Pledge of Protections provide +1 Gold and increase the defensive strength of the City-State and your own Cities. UU: Adventurer - Warrior replacement that can...
  3. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Sardegna Empire (Azur Lane) 1.0

    Steam workshop link
  4. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Duchy of Amalfi 3.1

    Steam workshop link
  5. S

    [BNW] Looking for People to play lekmod multiplayer with.

    Hello I'm a semi new civ player (<200h) my friend set me up with lekmod and I would love to have more people to play multiplayer lekmod with, we have an active discord server used for all types of gaming and streaming and we would love to see you there.
  6. N

    [BNW] expansion packs civs missing

    Hi In a custom game settings, expansion packs civs missing if BNW and G&K both are enabled. Only Ethiopia is listed which is included in both expansion pack. I saw this problem earlier but I hope there is a solution by now. MacOSX 10.13.6. (high sierra)
  7. Lt_Karan

    SUPERPOWERS: Clash of Civilizations [REVIVED/MP Compatible]

    (Community Edition) Current Version: 1.0 Original Author: Lincoln_lyf A Total Conversion Modpack originally created by the amazing Lincoln_Lyf, with a special emphasis on strengthening the core Economic, Military and Political gameplay of Civilization V, while ensuring longevity and heaps of...
  8. A_Wandering_Man

    [BNW] NAC's Civilizations

    Hello all! New-ish modder finally branching into historical civs, starting with... The Kassites (steam workshop link) UA: Shepherd of the Kassites Grants +1 Faith from Horses. Gains +4% Production for buildings (max. 40%) and 5% faster border growth (max. 50%) for each Kudurru improvement...
  9. jarcast2

    Jarcast's The Amazons 2.3

    Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS Pictures Steam workshop: link. For comments and suggestions you can reply in the dedicated thread.
  10. King Phaedron

    Need a MOD that turns Civ5 into Civ6 (Governers, Envoys, etc)

    Civilization 6 is an unfixable mess. The terrible AI, Inconsistent Rules, inability to puppet or generate gold, faith, science without selecting a city project every turn, the constant timeline interruption everytime your bomber destroys an armada or army, it's downright atrocious, it really is...
  11. Justice9229

    Civ on the list with leader, but traits, UU, and UB not appearing on it + minor mod help

    I've been chugging along on my first mod and I've finished most of what is needed, but when testing the mod, none of the unique units, buildings, or even trait appear on the list, simply defaulting to whatever civ I had selected opening the game. Minor things I need help with: While testing...
  12. W

    [BNW] Spawn units with XML

    I've been looking through the c++ source code for civ 5, trying to wrap my head around it. I'm sure you can do this with c++, but I was wondering if there is a way to spawn units using xml through a leader trait or a unique building instead.
  13. jarcast2

    Jarcast's The Etruscans 3.1

    Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS Steam workshop: link . Pictures For comments and suggestions you can reply in the dedicated thread.
  14. Glax

    [BNW] Combined Conditions to get Victory MOD?

    IS there any mod that requires 2 or all conditions for Victory? for Example to Get Victory.. You have to get Domination+ Cultural to Get Victory Screen Or Get the all 5 Conditions to Get Victory Screen i would like to get all five victory conditions before the Victory Screen Comes...and plays...
  15. M

    Best Religion for Songhai Warmonger

    I've looked through the forums, there appears to be contradictory advice. Assume Deity, Pangaea. Pantheon: 1) God of Commerce (because of early river city connections) EDIT: Less good after March 1 Beta Release. 2) God of War 3) Goddess of Protection Founder Belief: Many have suggested Hero...
  16. A_Wandering_Man

    Changing UA based on state of war/peace?

    Hi all, So for my next mod I'm looking to make, I want to make the UA have a static part (this will be trivial, as it is part of the existing tables, so will just have to turn it on) and a dynamic part that will rely on switching between two dummy policies. In my previous mod, I used a...
  17. M

    Help! First time CBP Player

    Hi guys, I used to play BNW a lot, regularly beating Deity.. Never played CBP. Just downloaded it. I'm looking through posts on this forum. I'll be starting on "settler" and working my way up. On BNW, I generally played tall science. Is there a "beginners guide" to CBP? E.g.: For tall...
  18. adan_eslavo

    [MOD] Few questions without answers

    I play with modded VP, but these are rather overall issues. I have stucked at few problems: 1. I use following codes: function OnSpawnChangeSelected(eCs) local bSpawnDisabled = Players[eCs]:IsMinorCivUnitSpawningDisabled(Game.GetActivePlayer()) Network.SendMinorNoUnitSpawning(eCs, not...
  19. Lenin1870

    [BNW] American Domination + (JFD's Lincoln Edition)

    Now I'm combining American Domination made by Envoy and The USA (Lincoln) made by JFD for personal purpose. I have a question about this work. First, I want to upload this on Steam Workshop, but I think it needs permission from JFD. Could I get permission from JFD? Unfortunately, I couldn't...
  20. Mklangelo

    [BNW] So it's been a few years...

    But I'm playing again and my favorite game is Babs for the Science win. Some of the strategies I use are, if it can be done in a timely manner is to open both Tradition & Liberty and use them simultaneously as needs dictate. I research Pottery > Writing/Archery and any techs I need to get...
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