1. Matsuda123

    Mesoamerican Great Bombard 2021-05-16

    Forgot to upload this half of the Meso siege units... MightyToad did a great job on this one. It has custom animations. He skinned and rigged and animated. I created the model and finished up the texture. Original artist the unit is derived from: aztec-cannon.html
  2. Matsuda123

    Pot de Fer 2020-05-01

    The first cannon in European history. The "Pot de Fer" (literally Pot of Fire) is little more than an iron cast vase tired atop a platform. As an early cannon, it fires what many early Chinese advances in gunpowder shot, arrows. Thanks to the great MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and...
  3. Matsuda123

    Fire Cannon / Hiya Taihou 2.0

    A replacement Bombard for the Japanese. Based on the Fire Cannon from the Civ III scenario Sengoku Jidai, and the real life Hiya Taihou cannons used during the same time. Fires exploding fire arrows packed with gunpowder! Second Samurai included inside the files, but I do not know how to...
  4. Matsuda123

    Meso-American Bombard 2.0

    The second in the new line of, "What-if" style graphics. A replacement of European bombards for the Meso culture group. :) A Civilization IV conversion from utahjazz7's Aztec Mortar for Civilization III. Original concept by utahjazz7. Model by Matsuda123, Texture by Kine100, and Animation by...
  5. Q

    [] can bombard after moving

    I'm surprised no one (that I found) has posted this: Despite the Civilopedia saying that catapults and bombards cannot fire if they've moved, unless they have the right promotion, they CAN move then fire. However, the Hwacha cannot move then fire. So clearly it's possible to make this happen...
  6. STarLoVe21


    Greetings, Recently got the game Civ III complete on steam for free. I used to play it maybe a decade ago, so much fun, but it has changed a bit with the addition of conquests and PTW. One new feature is the automate bombard for artillery, some warships and airplanes. However there is...
  7. Agentmongo


    collage showing the promotions of five grenader units during a a game
  8. Sam W/ Bombdard

    Sam W/ Bombdard

    Screenshot of Civ IV Vanilla of three units in action with the bombard promotion
  9. Frigate Bombard

    Frigate Bombard

  10. Catapult Bombard

    Catapult Bombard

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