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  1. S

    Being attack while in Peace

    I am playing as Spain, I was at peace with all AI Players, then The Roman empire attacked me, I was able to defend myself and captured one of their cities. We briefly had peace and there was a Military Emergency because I captured a city. Immediately I went back to war with Rome and no other...
  2. aviatori

    No Bombers on Carriers

    Hello to all :hatsoff: Is there any possibility to restrict bomber class units to land on Carriers?
  3. Darkator

    Dornier Do-17 2021-04-04

    This is Dornier Do-17 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dornier_Do_17
  4. royz6

    Bombers and Strategic Resources

    Lets say my enemy has an entertainment complex built on a certain tile. Then later in the game, aluminum appears on this tile. As far as I know he will get the aluminum from that tile (correct me if i'm wrong), but I wonder what will happen if I bomb this tile using a bomber. If his district...
  5. internetuserpi

    [Vanilla] Eliminating Air Defenses

    hi, I’m trying to bomb an enemy city into submission, but my stealth bombers keep getting shot down by interceptors. Neither of us has a tech advantage. I’m wondering what the best way to eliminate these air defenses is. I've been trying to use overwhelming numbers of stealth bombers, but I’m...
  6. CorvusFortis

    Eldar Phoenix Bomber 2018-08-24

    Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm. Bomber of ancient Eldar race from WH40k universe. Swift and deadly as any Eldar aircraft. Intended for WH40K mod.
  7. ulfen

    Bombers wont bomb

    I had gathered a fleet of bombers (About 30) to soften up my arch enemy city defenses before sieging them. But to my suprise many of them refused to bomb that city, other cities and ground troops did work. In the next turn some would bomb that city but still many wouldn't. Is there something I...
  8. sman1975

    Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) V2

    This mod adds the "Mother of All Bombs" - a massive conventional bomb that does extraordinary damage to units, especially "soft targets." The MOAB is a "lighter" version of the Atomic Bomb unit - but it only does damage to a single target, and leaves no fallout behind. It has a range of 10...
  9. Walter Hawkwood

    Jet Warplanes: Canberra 2017-04-14

    Jet Warplanes: Canberra This is a series of packs for jet combat airplanes from the second half of XX century. These are conversions from Supreme Ruler (with one exception of MiG-15, which is converted from Blitzkrieg), retextured by me in colors of various nations. This pack contains 7...
  10. J

    Bomber Attacked by Missle Cruiser(at Peace with Civ) Bomber Name Missing in Airbase

    Civilization Version: (235603) Bug #1 I am at peace with France and at war with England. The French Missle cruiser is next to the English submarine. When I attack the English submarine the French Missle Cruiser opens fire on my bomber. I can see the animation of the French cruiser...
  11. R

    Destroying aircraft on the ground? (or else get nuked..)

    Hi everybody, I'm in a peculiar situation in a multiplayer game, where I am very close to winning a science victory. Unfortunately, my opponent realized the threat and began nuking me :nuke:. I was happily surprised that the city he hit didn't lose its finished mars-module (seems to be on Mars...
  12. Spearman Defeats Tank: Roman Empire Strikes Back

    Spearman Defeats Tank: Roman Empire Strikes Back

    Spearman defeats Tank, huh? How about Catapult defeats Stealth Bomber?
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