1. King Phaedron

    Mod to LIMIT border growth to 3 tiles

    Is there a way I can edit the game so that border growth beyond 3 tiles simply does not happen? I searched and only ever found mods and people asking for unlimited border growth or the ability to work 5 tiles. I mean God forbid your culture cost is a tiny bit higher. It's ugly and often...
  2. T

    How to Expect War Declarations

    Hey everyone! New to this forum, not to the series. I don't know if this falls under a 'newbie question' or not, but I'm going to ask anyway... Was playing a game on Prince difficulty as Huayna (I like doing one turn with each leader at each level) and had a rough start and only took out one civ...
  3. Wit

    Tile selection on border expansion question

    This question has been raised about a year ago without a satisfactory answer. Perhaps second time is the charm. The question is: when borders expand, how is the specific tile that is added to the city chosen? I have encountered repeated instances when the city screen suggested that borders...
  4. adan_eslavo

    Free Recon Units v3

    Link to the original mod I reworked this very useful mod from @Ryika. His/her version is available on Steam. This version is adapted to VP, VPEE and MUCfVP mods. See changelog for more info. Enjoy!
  5. Daenvil

    Making a unit ignore borders

    Edit: I solved it, it was a silly mistake in the code. I am new to modding and I'm stuck in this. It should be easy, I just want my unique unit (which replaces the settler) to be able to enter any territory, just like missionaries do. I tried to copy the code in the game files and after several...
  6. W

    Border expansion points

    Culture has become more and more important in Civilization and Civilization VI now has its own Civics-Tree. So i think it makes sense to introduce new points, which are only for the border expansion: > Border expansion points Cultural and military buildings would provide these point.
  7. M

    [] Peace Treaty Unit Boarder Conflict Bug

    Sorry for the name, but I don't know what's causing it. I was playing as Brazil and was at war with Kongo. We had a peace treaty and thus my units withing Kongo's borders were moved outside the borders. However, some were moved within the borders of another civ, England. We have had an open...
  8. Mr_PeaCH

    AI units stuck inside my borders

    I have searched but been unable to find a thread with an answer to this dilemma. Often it is the result of a third Civ having units inside the border of a city which I have just captured. Rather than being expelled the orphaned units stay rooted in place. In fact they tend to just become...
  9. Ace Cooper

    Next City Plot by Ace v2.3 2016-11-14

    This mod is not as valuable since Civilization 6 update (game v1.0.0.38) as of 2016-11-18 already includes the feature to show the next tile a city will grow to. However, if I find some inspiration to extend the features of the vanilla game - I will come up with version 3.x of this mod. Please...
  10. Our Close Borders Spark Tensions.

    Our Close Borders Spark Tensions.

    China came and plopped down a city two tiles away from my Korean city. Any ideas how this could happen?
  11. SOTD6: Ship Stuck

    SOTD6: Ship Stuck

    This caravel will need a long time to go home. I had an open border with Elizabeth and when she attacked me the caravel got replaced. Strange cause the caravel wouldn't need open borders at all.
  12. Hey Worker, Stop That!

    Hey Worker, Stop That!

    Hey worker, stop that! This open borders thing is getting out of hand...:eek:
  13. Culturally caved in

    Culturally caved in

    My friends, the Greek, haven't really built that much culture in Argos. You could compare it with Gibraltar. ;)
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