1. PeenHype

    Deep and detailed suggestions for the Civilization Franchise and future endeavors.

    Introduction: Hello :) My name is Peen and I've had the sudden urge to describe in detail my hopes and dreams for the future of this wonderful legacy of games i hold dear to me. It wont come as a surprise that I have spent a lot of time withering away...
  2. M

    City cultural borders over coast tiles?

    Civ4 Tile Culture Over Coast by madwheel posted Oct 4, 2019 at 3:07 PM In my image, the city Ayodhya is not adding tile culture to tiles between the purple and black lines, even though the city is clearly a 500 lvl city (so it definitely would be if it were all land). I assume it must only be...
  3. A

    Declared Friends ignore Troops on Borders during Joint Wars

    Edit: So as it turns out this was very doable and someone was kind enough to teach me how to code it. I will be posting it on here and steam in the future. Thanks again! This thread can be closed.
  4. nzcamel

    Borders - now you see you don't! []

    My empire looses it's borders depending on where I am...observing from. Now you see them (nth of Mt Kilimanjaro). Now you mostly don't (nth of Mt Kilimanjaro). Now you see them (sth of Mt Kilimanjaro). Now you mostly don't (sth of Mt Kilimanjaro). I've turned off all mods...
  5. R

    Border Problem. Spain Dug up my archaeological site!

    I had not given open borders to Spain. We were not at war. His archaeologist just waltzed in and dug up my site. grrrr Oh, and when I declared war on him for it (he already hated me before that, and I hadn't been at war with anyone else), all the other AIs said I was a warmonger. grrrr.
  6. W

    Border expansion points

    Culture has become more and more important in Civilization and Civilization VI now has its own Civics-Tree. So i think it makes sense to introduce new points, which are only for the border expansion: > Border expansion points Cultural and military buildings would provide these point.
  7. M

    [] Peace Treaty Unit Boarder Conflict Bug

    Sorry for the name, but I don't know what's causing it. I was playing as Brazil and was at war with Kongo. We had a peace treaty and thus my units withing Kongo's borders were moved outside the borders. However, some were moved within the borders of another civ, England. We have had an open...
  8. OphidianX

    Civ VI: How Do City Borders Expand?

    Searched forums and the in-game documentation. I'm having difficulty figuring out: - How can you tell when a city is going to expand? (i.e. like in Civ5, the accumulation of culture toward border expansion is clearly illustrated.) - Is there a way to identify which tile the city is going to...
  9. Our Close Borders Spark Tensions.

    Our Close Borders Spark Tensions.

    China came and plopped down a city two tiles away from my Korean city. Any ideas how this could happen?
  10. Strange Cultural Borders In Tile

    Strange Cultural Borders In Tile

  11. Hey Worker, Stop That!

    Hey Worker, Stop That!

    Hey worker, stop that! This open borders thing is getting out of hand...:eek:
  12. Cultural Borders Bug?  II

    Cultural Borders Bug? II

    Another posting of the cultural borders problem I experienced last night. Note the mouseover information about the tile. Showing 93% HRE influence even though there is no longer a HRE city to the NW. Mouseovers of Pacal's territory further to the NW also show HRE cultural influence.
  13. Kyoto Borders

    Kyoto Borders

    Kyoto cultural borders
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