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  1. N

    [BNW] expansion packs civs missing

    Hi In a custom game settings, expansion packs civs missing if BNW and G&K both are enabled. Only Ethiopia is listed which is included in both expansion pack. I saw this problem earlier but I hope there is a solution by now. MacOSX 10.13.6. (high sierra)
  2. T

    Is domination the only realistic win in multiplayer?

    I love culture and science but as the saying goes, if you win in any victory but domination then you could have done it easier in domination. I agree with that saying because you have to defend yourself against other players especially in multiplayer. My question asks if domination is truly the...
  3. M

    [MOD] Project - Beyond Civilization

    Hello everybody ! I create this thread (hope it's the good place) in order to keep track of the progress of a modpack I'm creating, as well as to ask help, feedbacks, advices, etc. Who is this dude anyway ? To start off, I'm a junior game designer, just graduated from my school (in France)...
  4. theLateWizard

    Missing Civilizations from G&K and BNW

    Hi I am having an issue with the steam copy of my civilization V game. I have installed, reinstalled the game, and individually reinstalled the DLC's. In game, when I go to the DLC menu, both expansions are listed there and set to active. When I go to play a new game, I don't have _any_ of...
  5. F

    [BNW] Modded game starting bugs

    Occasionally when i start Civ V games with mods installed, all of them quite popular so I don't think they are the issue, certain bugs occour. I have Brave New World, and Gods and Kings. The main one is the starting techs, Mining, Pottery, etc. take 81 turns to research, all other techs have...
  6. Hjommd

    Ålandian Civilization version 2020-12-23

    Ålandian Civilization (G&K + BNW) The Åland Islands is a group of islands between Finland and Sweden populated by a Swedish-speaking minority. With their central position in the Baltic Sea the Åland Islands has been a strategic place for the political powers of the region. Controlled for...
  7. S3rgeus

    [BNW] IndieStone Visual Tech Tree Editor 2016-10-05

    The IndieStone Visual Tech Tree editor is a graphical editor that allows you to modify the Civilization 5 tech tree and automatically generate XML files for mods which enact the changes you specify. Originally written by lemmy101 and CaptainBinky, this version is updated for Brave New World...
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