1. M

    Hotkey Mod

    Made a hotkey Mod I've been using for a little while now to give WASD camera movement and other hotkeys around WASD so that they are easier to use. Also I put the location of the hotkeys in a readme in the mod so you can change them in the files if you want. (I'm not even close to knowing how to...
  2. S

    Civ 6 ally combat cam

    I remember in Civ 5 if an ally attacked or was attacked the camera would pan to show the fight. Now, i realize some people hated it but i always thought it was a really neat feature. Im playing an allied online match with my girlfriend in Civ 6 but i notice there is no camera pan for us in the...
  3. Nemo

    [R&F] Camera Center on Unit Movement

    Is there a way to enable the camera to focus on AI movements each turn? The camera just stays in one spot and I can't see what is moving around the board in the visible areas. I have quick move disabled, is there some specific set of options I need toggled, or is this merely not a feature of...
  4. F

    How to permanently rotate the camera?

    The default (?) camera view is annoyingly slightly turned, see screenshot: The way to temporarily fix this is to first rotate the camera 45 degrees (to either side) using ctrl + <-- or -->, and then to rotate it back (as far as it allows) using alt + --> or <-- (see screenshot): However...
  5. MadManCam

    Free Camera 31 Mar 2018

    Steam Workshop Page Experience VI with unhindered camera tilt and rotation, easy Time of Day adjustments, ultra-zoom, and simple controls. Set up great screenshots and play the game from a custom perspective. See the Free Camera: Reduced Zoom Range Addon for a more manageable zoom. You don't...
  6. MadManCam

    Free Rotation 1 Apr 2018

    Steam Workshop Page This is now a light version of Free Camera. Camera rotation no longer resets after you release the mouse. Press the H key to toggle between default and last used camera rotation. You can rotate the map in 3 ways: Shift + Left Click Drag, Alt + Left Click Drag, and the Q and...
  7. R

    Farther Zoom 1.0

    A mod that lets you zoom farther out to see more of the map, and closer in to admire the intricate detail of the game's gorgeous graphics. Unlike its predecessors, this mod works in both World View and Strategic View. It also tilts the camera more aggressively in closeups, and less when...
  8. L

    [BNW] Camera skip to newly found cities

    Hello, I am trying to create a mod where the camera jumps to locations whenever a new city has been founded. I have spent many hours trying to do this but with no success. My idea was to add the UI.LookAt method after any Player:InitCity method calls. Unfortunately, the InitCity calls at...
  9. 12@!n

    KinetiKam 1.1

    INTRODUCTION AND INFO Tired of the limitations of the default camera? Wanting to zoom in an all the detailed glory of your neighbor's capital right before you nuke it? If so, this mod is for you. WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? This mod is simply a Camera.artdef with a few values tweaked to allow the...
  10. France With Camera Flying

    France With Camera Flying

    A screenshot of France in a typical game of RFC. Screenshot taken with camera flying enabled
  11. England With Camera Flying

    England With Camera Flying

    A screenshot of England in a typical game of RFC, camera flying enabled
  12. Flying Camera Mode: Navy SEAL

    Flying Camera Mode: Navy SEAL

    Adding to the Flying Camera buzz. The Navy SEALs look cool, especially with all that blue glow going on. Flying camera mode: CTRL+ALT+F after enabling it on the .ini file.
  13. Roman Empire in the gloomy north

    Roman Empire in the gloomy north

    This is my first experience of flying camera in Civ...
  14. Flying Camera

    Flying Camera

  15. Free Camera View

    Free Camera View

    Viewing the map from a different camera angle
  16. Freeview


    A different camera view of the map
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