1. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Economy Part Two

    Hello, friends. Welcome to part two of our Developer Diary covering Millennia’s economy. Rob kicked things off for us the last time, outlining the different types of Goods and Resources, the role of Needs, and how Workers can scale in more advanced economies. This time, we’ll build on that...
  2. H

    Vox Populi bug? Returning capital to eliminated civilization not possible when it was a vassal?

    Hello community, I wonder whether I found a bug or it's a feature. In my current game I am in war with Sweden. Gustavus Adolphus has Brazil at his vassal. While "defending" I captured cities from Brazil because the were closer than those from Sweden. When I conquered Brazils last city I...
  3. Greywulf

    Civ with 2 Capitals.

    What if a civ had the ability to have 2 Capital cities? Could that be done in a balanced way? Would that make a good unique ability for a particular civ? The civ that seems most ideal a candidate is Austria-Hungary, and their 2 Capitals are Vienna and Budapest. They were a real historical civ...
  4. ELRACj

    All Coastal Capitals Option

    I do not know how many of you guys loved doing a naval domination on Civ V but this was one of my favorite things (mostly because I am impatient and naval units move faster). So I was thinking, there should be a button in the settings that forces the capital to start on the coast (I believe...
  5. A

    Capital name confusion

    I don't understand the choice for Egypt's capital name. For one wasn't Alexandria the capital under Cleo. And if it isn't wouldn't Thebes or Cairo be more fitting then the one it is now? If I'm wrong please let me know because it's been bugging me.
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