1. M

    [BNW] Question about delaying unit and building appearance change

    Enjoying to play in locked Eras, mainly the Industrial one for its steampunk aesthetics, I am looking for a way to delay to the next era the appearance change of some units and buildings that take place in this Era and look quite out of place there, namely : the Great General, the Great Admiral...
  2. King Phaedron

    Trading Marble, Inquisitors with Freedom Ideology, and other Absurdities

    This is a general thread to look at various absurdities in the game. There is only two I can really think of, but maybe there are others. I'm hoping others will contribute to this thread. 1) Trading Marble is a bit ridiculous. Imagine caravans and cargo ships full of spices, wine, citrus, or...
  3. nguyenforthewin13

    [BNW] Can't build civilian units

    Originally, I thought I just couldn't produce civilian units in my mod. The problem has changed somewhat. I'm not sure why, but in my mod, it is impossible for any of the Civs to produce unmodded units - that is, brand new units (almost all uniques) that I added into the scenario. At first, I...
  4. nguyenforthewin13

    [BNW] Is there any way to let City-States make International Trade Routes?

    Specifically, I mean to ask if there is any way to allow City-States to utilize Caravans and Cargo Ships to make their own International Trade Routes. I'm aware that there is a mod allowing City-States to use Settlers, but can they also be made to use Trade Units?
  5. washy

    Trade routes create city connections

    Trade routes create city connections if both cities have caravansary. Require DLL - Various Mod Components.
  6. washy

    [BNW] Caravans Build Paths

    Caravans Build Paths Paths have better movment than normal terrain, but not as good as roads. Path maintenance 0.3 Roads maintenance lowered to 0.5 Rail Roads maintenance lowered to 0.5 Trading posts in paths generate +1 gold The graphics are the same than roads.
  7. ExquisitePapaya

    Worldbuilder Caravan Glitch

    Hello everyone. I was hoping someone here could assist me or point me in the right direction for this error I've been experiencing. I'm creating my own little scenario on Worldbuiler, and as I load the unfinished scenario for a brief test run, I see the trade caravans are acting very strangely...
  8. Bangra 7

    How to create a new trade unit

    So, as simple as it may seem, I am wondering how to create a new unique trade unit that can be built in the modern era, but isn't a galley, cargo ship, or a caravan. Specifically, I want to use a model I found on here of a boeing 747, and my oceanliners, to trade culture, gold and science across...
  9. Great Merchant

    Great Merchant

    That caravan guy is actually a Great Merchant in Civ4...
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