1. gwennog

    G&H's Catalonia - Guifré el Pelut for VP v.1

    Adds Catalonia, led by Guifré el Pelut. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP To talk about it Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to original authors) : Hespèrion XXI & Jordi Savall - Mare Nostrum : Peace Theme - El Cant dels Ocells Jordi Savall - La Capella Reial de Catalunya - Le Concert...
  2. gwennog

    G&H's Catalonia for Vox Populi

    Catalonia Download here Leader - Guifré I el Pelut UA - Consolat de Mar +15 :c5culture: Culture when titles purchased and +30 :c5gold: Gold when earned (scaling with Era). Each tile acquired give a boost to the progression of each :c5greatperson: Great People in the city...
  3. paisvalencia

    I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience to help me finish my Aragon mod

    Hey, so basically the title says it all. I'm working on a mod for the Aragonese Crown ( since I feel it was a key player in the Reconquest of Iberia, as well as a truly important civilization in the mediterranean, en par with the Byzantine Empire in...
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