1. MightyToad

    Zulu and Basotho Units 2021-11-27

    Zulu Impi from Civ 5, and Basotho Warrior and Cavalry
  2. MightyToad

    Gatling Gun and Pistol Cavalry 2021-09-19

    Gatling Gun and Pistol Cavalry from Civ 5, and a Texas Ranger.
  3. MightyToad

    American Civil War Units 2021-08-06

    Union and Confederate Riflemen, Cavalry with Carbine, Cannon (napoleon/parrott), a Ironclads.
  4. MightyToad

    Boer Cavalry 2020-11-23

    Cavalry version of the Boer Kommando.
  5. Deggial

    [GS] Add ‘Wheat’ as a strategic ressource

    This post is about utilizing the next expansion’s game mechanics a little bit further and possibly making the game more balanced by doing so. What, if the current bonus ressource ‘Wheat’ would become a “semi” strategic ressource and gain its own stockpile in the top bar? This ressource would...
  6. PPQ_Purple

    Horse Grenadier 2018-08-18

    A Horse Grenadier is a type of mounted soldier armed with grenades. Simple as can be. The upload contains a complete set of mounted combat animations both melee and ranged as well as everything else you need to get the unit working as well as an example for the XML. The melee and basic horse...
  7. Victoria

    Cavalry promo 'Charge' is a bit weird?

    I have 2 cavalry units and I want to charge down 2 melee units with my charge promotion. One of the target units sees me coming and fortifies for +6 but my charge bonus vs Fortified is +10 so I am at +4 vs them. The other target was digging a shallow vegetable pit at the time and did not...
  8. Incan Army

    Incan Army

    An army of Cavalry
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