1. FishFishFish

    What dynasty should China's leader be from in Civ VII?

    I avoided the time periods where China was fragmented so vote other if you want a leader from those periods.
  2. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 405: Unless You Count the Launcher

    The four-hundred-and-fifth episode of PolyCast, “Unless You Count the Launcher“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan". Topics for this episode include: Intro...
  3. Blake00

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Scenario (FW) 1.0

    About: A scenario based on KOEIs popular games set in China after the Han dynasty collapse by Martin Roger. Mod files rescued from DSquared's Zandanian League backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Blake added some fantasy terrain graphics from the Microprose FW...
  4. Birdjaguar

    Global Strategies for Dominance

    The post Ukrainian war situation seems ripe for its own discussion thread. To launch that I grabbed a piece from the WSJ that looks ahead and the complex issues involved. The pdf is a chart related to the article. that is the only way to grab it. How the West Can Win A Global Power Struggle...
  5. King Phaedron

    Taiwan is a city of China

    China is in my game and it has a city called Taiyuan... Has the CCP bribed Sid Meyers? As you know China has annexed the city state of Hong Kong leading to many leaders denouncing them, as well they have launched an inquisition with inquisitors against Uighurs in their lands. Political...
  6. BuzWeaver

    [NFP] Let's Play Kublai Khan as China

    It was an interesting game with a few twist as I tried to get as many Heroes and or Hero Relics as possible. Play List:
  7. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack (January 2021) - Patch Notes Discussion

    OVERVIEW This new content pack introduces Bà Triệu as the leader of Vietnam and Kublai Khan as an alternate leader of either China or Mongolia. Also included is the new Monopolies and Corporations game mode, as well as a new district (The Preserve), with new buildings (the Grove and the...
  8. MightyToad

    Crane Corps Units 2021-01-01 Great General and Pikeman. Based off art for the Great Wall movie.
  9. Matsuda123

    Sino Warrior 2020-12-20

    A flavor unit to give you a more historically accurate Xia Dynasty Warrior unit for all Sino derived culture groups. MightyToad did the skinning and rigging, while I finished up the textures and modeled the unit. :) More great teamwork making units for your game.
  10. MalayanGamer

    Does Late Chinese History is been overlook in this modding community?

    You know? i have thinking a something for a very long time, isn't me or that Late Chinese History is been overlook on this civ 4 modding community? I mean... that's is shame, because Modern Chinese like the Qing dynasty and Republic of China is always fascinating to me even more than any Time...
  11. Phantagonist

    Phantagonist's Zhu Yuanzhang (Ming Taizu, Hongwu Emperor) 2020-10-09

    Zhu Yuanzhang Ability: Rise of the Peasant Emperor +50% Production towards City Center buildings. Controlling at least 8 Granaries and 8 Ancient Walls (or Urban Defenses) grant 8 Skirmishers, permanent full Loyalty in all cities, and maximum Diplomatic Visibility with every encountered...
  12. Phantagonist

    Phantagonist's Zhao Kuangyin (Song Taizu) 2020-10-09

    Zhao Kuangyin Ability: Harness the Warlords Great Generals cannot be earned. Building an Encampment triggers a culture bomb and grants a free anti-cavalry unit. The city with the Government Plaza gains three unique projects which provide bonuses with respect to policy slots and...
  13. Phantagonist

    Phantagonist's Li Shimin (Tang Taizong) 2020-08-21

    Li Shimin Ability: Immortalized Confidants Killing an enemy unit grants +1 Great Person points of every type. Recruiting or patronizing Great People provides 1 copy of Legacy specific to the Great Person type. Each type of Legacies provides 6 Amenities, and +2 Strength to Chinese units...
  14. King Phaedron

    So I tried starting a game of Civ6 as China...

    It doesn't look I'll be getting anywhere... for a very long time. Map is huge Tilted Axis, Immortal. I saved the advanced setup of leaders and victory conditions I picked. Tried restarting, but I just get the same thing. Is this even playable? I'd have to beeline science for embarking before I...
  15. Phantagonist

    Phantagonist's Liu Che (Han Wudi) 2020-08-04

    This is my first Civilization VI mod, and I would like to share it on this forum for advice and improvement. Adds Liu Che, Han Wudi (the Martial Emperor of Han Dynasty), as an alternate leader for China. Liu Che Ability: Silk Road Expeditions Every original Capital under your control grants...
  16. Birdjaguar

    Travels in China

    Travels in China In a complete knockoff of Warpus’ great travel threads, I will recount my 2018 trips to China. My adventures there are really three different trips. The first two were combined and the third involved a second flight overseas. This was my first trip to Asia. Ask anything you...
  17. SlySlySly

    SlySlySly's Han Dynasty 0.8

    Hello! This is my first full mod I've been working on! Civilization: -Han Dynasty- Ability: Shiji Legacy - Campus districts, theater districts, and holy sites gain 1 culture per building, including the base district when a Shiji is built in the city. Shiji buildings and religion specific...
  18. Xandinho

    Choose seven alternative leaders you'd most like to see on Civ6

    Hello everybody. Let's talk about alternative leaders, a mechanism that had in Civ4 and was brought to Civ6, this time leaders can add different flavors to each civilization. I made a selection of thirty notable leaders, some of them quite requested here, and in this poll you can choose seven of...
  19. Greywulf

    Throat singing. Can you do it?

    Now that we have Mongolian style throat singing added to the game's soundtrack... I was wondering if anyone in the civfan community can throat sing in real life (any style). If you can, please feel free to share which style. Edited to make it more easily read. leif
  20. Liufeng

    Unoffical Civ VI poll. Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see. Part V : Eastern Asia

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the fitfth part of this poll, this time focused on Eastern Asia, with South-east Asia included. As expected, the participation on the last poll was quite low, due probably for the lack knowledge/interest of the former region (and maybe also lassitude from the...
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