1. Matsuda123

    Sino Warrior 2020-12-20

    A flavor unit to give you a more historically accurate Xia Dynasty Warrior unit for all Sino derived culture groups. MightyToad did the skinning and rigging, while I finished up the textures and modeled the unit. :) More great teamwork making units for your game.
  2. Matsuda123

    Sino Catapult 2020-07-19

    Finally, a flavor siege unit. Not too many of those around for catapults or trebuchets. :p Once more, Mightytoad did the skinning and rigging, as well as the animations. And he did a great job, as he always does. :) I did the modeling, and very slight touch ups to the texture. Mightytoad...
  3. halfhalfharp

    New female leader for China

    Leader: Dowager Cixi Background: Dowager Cixi was the last dowager empress of imperial China and was the last de facto ruler to hold power. Her reign was a huge controversy in chinese history, not because she was female, but because Chinese empire met its end in her hands. People talked of...
  4. M

    [Civ2] New well-thought out scenario

    Hi there, I have created and playtested a Civ2 scenario that I would like to share with you. It is designed to be played by the Chinese Tung faction, and you are sent on a mission to create a new Dynasty in a remote part of the empire. (Un)fortunately this part of the empire is teaming with...
  5. Z

    [Story] civ 6 deity Saladin

    video record, chinese explanation. pangaea
  6. Wallpaper:Chinese Unification

    Wallpaper:Chinese Unification

    The background for the Chinese Unification scenario.
  7. War with China

    War with China

    Some Chinese cities have already fallen to the mighty Roman armies.
  8. Chinese Fleet

    Chinese Fleet

    A formidable Chinese fleet has entered the England Straight
  9. Chinese Rider

    Chinese Rider

    Chinese Rider
  10. Mounted


    Chinese knights approaching Delhi
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