1. Gameboy2396

    Help with Citizen Names and Named Places (from GS)

    Hello, I think I could use some help. I am making adjustments to Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations (YnAMP), and I'm adding names for citizens so that the gossip feature works as it should. They were not added into the mod by Gedemon, so I need to do it myself. I have got the named places...
  2. platespinner

    [Critical Bug]Xbox reassigning locked citizens

    I’m playing on Xbox and I’m having a heck of a time micromanaging citizens. This is how the problems occur: 1. Both with or without yield priorities set, I assign citizens to tiles and lock them in. For this example let’s say my arrangement yields 45 food and 50 production. 2. After the turn...
  3. Desertmoongw

    MASSIVE Mod Project I need help with (research and historical fact checking)

    I'm currently working on a Mod Project called Our Sovereign Nation ( and would like as much help as possible from as many people as possible. The idea of the mod is to add content for every...
  4. moors

    (Poll) On Citizen Management

    Citizen management isn't very balanced. Food must be preferred to production only when it's twice in amount when growth is cut by 50% due to insufficient housing and the city has enough or more than enough food for existing citizens. For example when city already has enough food for existing...
  5. A

    Tiles unusable because previous city (maybe) expanded to them first (Not a Bug)

    I'm playing as Russia, and I have two cities that are within 6 tiles of one another (Smolensk and Tula) Smolensk is a very high-culture city, and it has speard beyond the 3-tile radius which can be worked by the city. Tula is comparably small compared to Smolensk, but should be able to reach...
  6. B

    Game Guide on How to Build a Successful and Productive City

    Please let me know all your thoughts on this topic. The video attached are my two cents. I would really appreciate any feedback you all can give! Link:
  7. How Do They Reproduce...?

    How Do They Reproduce...?

    ...when all the citizens are female?
  8. People Love You

    People Love You

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