city improvement

  1. Predator145

    Medieval Castles/Fortresses from Kyriakos' city and terrain graphics

    Another copy paste job from Kyriakos' excellent city and terrain graphics. Terrain improvements and city improvements are available. As construction technology improved throughout ancient age, very heavy and expensive fortifications emerged to augment already formidable city walls. These...
  2. Predator145

    Ancient Forts from Kyriakos' city graphics

    More copy and paste jobs from Kyriakos' city graphics to be converted to terrain and city improvements. They were made for my personal consumption and filling in the gaps that no one has covered. Forts were common fixed fortifications. They were larger than fortified towers but smaller than...
  3. Predator145


    This is a copy paste job of Wyrmshadow's pillbox, Goldfool's fort and Kyriakos' motte and bailey fort. Blockhouses are the lightest class of permanent fortifications. They're cheap to construct and serve to secure roads and lines of communication and provide warning. They were crucial in...
  4. Predator145

    Kyriakos' terrain buildings converted into a Mediteranean Castle

    This is a copy-paste job from Kyriakos' ancient greek fortresses. Inspiration is from Torrechiara castle. Could be used for both ancient and medieval settings for both terrain graphics and city improvements. I included 2 variations. One with full 4 towers and the other one sacrifcing 2 large...
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