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  1. Hinin

    (1-VT) Introduce a table that makes specific City-States not appear when a Major Civ is in the game.

    Following @adan_eslavo's idea on that topic, I would like to make a formal version of that proposal, with the detailed elements to facilitate its implementation and better expose its benefits. Currently, the pool of City-States chosen during a game is randomized : the balance between different...
  2. Yand_Durinul

    Removing Features in city states.

    I would like to add the ability to remove features from within a city states territory, i.e. Trees (Vanilla) or Kelp Forest (Sukritact's Oceans Mod). Please can somebody help me with this as I have no idea where to even start. Preferably with the Nau from the Portugal DLC. I'm just dipping my...
  3. Jatofi

    Help with city state suzerain bonus

    I am making Norilsk as a city state, using Sarajevo city state from Gedemo as a template. I can set most things up, but modifiers are really killing me. The suzerain bonus I want to give to my city state: Every mine +1 production Mines on strategic/bonus resources add +1 production on domestic...
  4. Hinin

    Project - City-States Trait / Behaviour System Rework

    Hello everyone, With the soon to be released tweaks for Pledges to Protect by @Recursive, which will make CState gameplay a bit more interesting since it will make some PtP accessible for players, I decided to talk about one idea I had in mind for quite a while, which is a rework of the trait /...
  5. nzcamel - Suzerain attacking it's own City State?

    It would appear that Mali is attacking Fez, a CS it has suzerainty over. Certainly troops are moving in to Fez's territory, suggesting it may not just be a buggy notification. Has anyone seen this before? Save attached.
  6. floppa

    City State influence not decreasing

    In my game I have two CS allies and my influence with them doesn't decrease each turn. If I hover my mouse over the city state name it says that each turn the influence will change by 0. They have my religion. Is this a bug?
  7. nzcamel

    [R&F] CS succumbing to loyalty pressure

    I thought City States were not effected by loyalty pressure? Check out Wolin here:
  8. Zegangani

    Starting as Tribes in Civ 7

    What would be you ideal approach of evolving Civilizations if Civ 7 adapted this Concept? For me an Approach like this would be the optimal way to go with: - Prehistory (Stone Age): starting as Tribes (only exploring the Map (with short sight radius) and Gathering Food/Hunting, but no...
  9. smorgasborgas

    Is there a mod or a flag I could set somewhere that would make it impossible to capture city states?

    Preface: Hi! I love this mod. It's the only video game I've played for the past 2 years and I'm not getting tired of it any time soon. This mod is incredible and I don't want my first post here to sound like a criticism. *I turned off the flags for bribed wars and win-condition aggression...
  10. bongimus

    [MOD IDEA] Increase CS military levy period

    Thank you for reading, and thanks for all your hard work! You guys have made this game incredibly fun, and I had an idea I was hoping to share with you guys. Would be amazing if the preset 30-turn period can be increased. As this guide points out, there are already some civs like Hungary...
  11. O

    [NFP] Bugs with the Alchemical Society and city states

    It seems that the university bonus from 3 envoy scientific city states does not apply correctly to the Alchemical Society, making it worse than an university in many situations, though I guess the great person points can make up for this. Still, I can only assume that this is a bug...
  12. lachumproyale

    Strategic Forts Tweak Help

    Been using this one a lot: Seems like a smaller one so people might not be too familiar with it, but if you remember colonies from Civ III it's a little bit like that (allows you to claim new territory outside of your empire...
  13. arieltal

    [GS] city state quests

    hello, i was looking for a mod that made city states give more quests, i remember at civ 5 there were a few quests at the same time for a particular city state. i'm not sure if it exists.. but i did not find any mod that takes care of that... :)
  14. King Phaedron

    Free Cities should become City States (Civ 6 Suggestion)

    (Wasn't sure to put this here or in Civ Ideas and Suggestions or both) When a Free City has remained a Free City for at least 15 turns (depending on game speed) WITHOUT any decrease in loyalty from nearby cities, it should become a City State. Reasoning: 1) Because while Free Cities are at...
  15. opezdl

    [R&F] [Y(n)AMP] Play Europe Again City-States Bug

    Hello! 3 different City-States of the same type, seem to refer to one "shared" proto-type. We have 3 different entities on map, but when it comes to envoys count or quest they just share value. No mods that affect City-states list\properties. Its a bug or a feature? Did anyone encounter...
  16. Bee7

    [GS] Liberating City States - bug or feature?

    The game mechanics around liberating city states are very strange. If you liberate a city state, it becomes your ally - but all of your troops are kicked out of its borders. Not only that, but the CS now no longer behaves like a CS, and it will flip to the whichever side exerts the greatest...
  17. E

    Defensive alliances with suzerain city states

    Players should be able to guarantee the independence of City States. Whether this is tied to those who you are suzerain of, or not. Guaranteeing would give you a free envoy, but would mean you are automatically called to war if they are attacked. Other Civs would then have something else to...
  18. OneWorld

    Easy-Balancing Fixes to Improve the Game Challenge

    Playing on the new Terra map type I experienced that some tiny changes can improve the challenge of a deity game a lot: The reduced size of the main continent caused a lot more wars than usually, which forced me to delay some of the snowballing stuff (expanding, rolling out culture/science) -...
  19. tecknomage

    [GS] Declared War on City State but cannot attack

    NEW-BE: I'm in 900 BC and have declared war on the Empire of Kongo. Problem, I cannot seem to be able to attack. :confused: Why?
  20. civplayer33

    Great Diplomats, AI and Paper

    This has been discussed a few times, I believe, but not very fruitfully IMO. The issue: the AI still overvalues using Great Diplomats for Influence. In my current game I have managed to create 7 City State Embassies so far (late Modern), making up a third of my World Council votes (and I'm the...
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