1. danjuno

    Biggest city you've gotten?

    I was reading through Kylearan's old blog and noticed his AAR on a Realms Beyond Epic that involved getting the most population as HC. He ended up getting Huamanga to 48! I'd be lucky to have the patience to micromanage a city to half that size! :lol: So, to the folks of CFC here in the present...
  2. F

    The Sumerian Game and Mabel Addis

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I just learned about the origin of the genre we all love: The Sumerian Game, a text-based city-builder designed by Mabel Addis in 1964(!). I thought this was really cool, and in the spirit of Women's...
  3. Mr_PeaCH

    Cities: Specialize or Generalize?

    I'm curious how others regard this and what they see as benefits and drawbacks. Myself, I think I mostly generalize my cities. Meaning, I'll tend to build the same improvements in the same order more or less as they are unlocked. I'm talking about both 'buildings' built by workers on the map...
  4. King Phaedron

    Mod to LIMIT border growth to 3 tiles

    Is there a way I can edit the game so that border growth beyond 3 tiles simply does not happen? I searched and only ever found mods and people asking for unlimited border growth or the ability to work 5 tiles. I mean God forbid your culture cost is a tiny bit higher. It's ugly and often...
  5. Thirteen 1355

    Adding two Humankind features

    Hey, it's been a while since I've last checked/posted here. Now that I'm back into Civ4 again, and I've been trying some Humankind (and found some cool features in it), I was wondering if I could add some of its features into Civ4. The two things I'd like to add (or get close to) are...
  6. megabearsfan

    Is the combat penalty for mounted units attacking cities still in the game?

    I've been playing as Byzantium, and was wondering how much of a difference it makes to be able to conquer cities will all the free heavy cavalry units. But I'm not sure of the magnitude of the combat penalty that mounted units are supposed to have when attacking cities. I tried looking it up on...
  7. King Phaedron

    Cannot meet Saladin

    Hi, I just liberated the city of Mecca from Greece who had captured it early in the game, but the leader does not show up. Neither does he show up on the next turn either. There appears to be a bug where if you have never met an early game civilization and then liberate them they do not show...
  8. G

    [NFP] Mesoamerican Monuments

    There was a bug when new frontier when live where the Mayan monument was using the basic obelisk look (like Germany or free cities) rather than the superior mesoamerican monument aesthetic. Since then, the Aztec and Inca have also become bugged and now use the basic monument look. Surely this is...
  9. M

    Strange ai city placement bug

    Hello, I'm currently playing on Huge Earth map with 14 other ai opponents who are behaving rather oddly. The don't settle in close proxemity of their other cities, instead they (seemingly randomly) put their cities super far apart (to illustrate, Mongolia have their capitol in east Asia region...
  10. King Phaedron

    How was Rome able to found the city of Palmyra? (Not a Bug)

    Hi, somehow Rome has founded a city only 3 tiles away from not one, but 2 other cities, one that he founded, and one that I gave him. The minimum distance is supposed to be 4 tiles. So we have City, Tile 1, Tile 2, City, Tile 1, Tile 2, City. Screenshots included. I am playing on a custom map I...
  11. Rustam_NB

    HOW TO / IDEA steal pops while razing

    I came up with an idea of a mod. I wonder if it’s possible. What if you can steal all of the pops of a recently taken city instead of occupying it? An additional option on the captured city dialogue can be made. It can be called “capture the population”. After pressing it, population of...
  12. JamesNinelives

    Civ seems not to have settled initial city on the 2-18 beta

    I encountered something rather strange where a civ has no cities but does have it's starting units. 0 tech, 0 policies, 0 cities. Gives the impression they never founded their initial city. I mention this because I remember someone else noting something similar in the 2-18 comments but not sure...
  13. sman1975

    SMAN's The Lord Mayors: Customized, Automated City Management

    SMAN's The Lord Mayors is a customizable, automated city management utility. It seeks to save you time as you build your Empire, determining what Cities will build - based on your guidance. Hopefully, this will provide you with more time to focus on what's really important: taking over the...
  14. sman1975

    SMAN's The Lord Mayors V1 - BETA

    SMAN's The Lord Mayors is a customizable, automated city management utility. It seeks to save you time as you build your Empire, determining what Cities will build - based on your guidance. Hopefully, this will provide you with more time to focus on what's really important: taking over the...
  15. Aethyr

    Looking for an old mod

    Some time ago I've found, here or on steam -I do not really remember- a really nice mod that allow you to display worked tiles of a city by just hovering the mouse over the city. Now some months passed, and I can't find that mod between my mods. And I don't remember it's name. Do you know...
  16. Jaey

    Help Please! Runtime Error with Specific Mod: City State Creation

    Good Afternoon modding community. I just found both the free time and the courage to try and create a new city state, and every time I load a test scenario with the city state in question, I get this heart-wrenching error: "Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamap... This...
  17. MistaScriblez

    How to make a building that increases a yield based on population of that city?

    Basically a civ 5 library, where a pop will give half a science. All buildings in civ 6 give flat bonuses.
  18. T

    Fortified city but lost to Zulu after one battle with an Archer??

    Hi Folks, This has happened to me a few times and it seems I am helpless to stop it. How can a nation send in one army, battle with my weakest unit in the city, win the battle and take the city?? Is this something I can take advantage of as well? Thanks for any guidance.
  19. Mudkip1001

    Urban Expansion/Renewal Mod [Idea/Request] Photos by TheWaWPro This City is Pretty Impressive, Right? These scenes were manipulated/created by the map editor, however wouldn't it be nice if you could create this while playing the game? The City Center shouldn't be an all encompassing 1 tile that contains...
  20. A

    Make flags, banners and standards great again

    Throughtout history flags has been the symbol of identity, history and spirit for civilizations,armys units, ships and organisations, on the battlefield its a battlecry, a rallying point with the power to raise or brake morale, sometimes just raising a flag, a banner or the shiney glimps of a...
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