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civ 3

  1. Lazy sweeper

    Why I am still here (10 years+) New ideas to share?

    I just received a new badge, I was just logging in to check about civ VII news... So it's more than 10 years that I got this avatar; actually I have been registered for more than 10 years, going to the old forum... :king: Anyway, I HOPE THERE WILL BE CRUSADERS fron CIV VII Vanilla!!! AND Some...
  2. Thorvald of Lym

    [TOT] Civ 2.5: Civ3 in Test of Time

    Civ 2.5 is a mod idea I've harboured for a while to back-port Civilization III into Test of Time. This is an early demo to test the preliminary design; it is built on the base game with quality-of-life features from TOTPP. Current features include: All base game units from Civilization III...
  3. haluu

    Tides of Crimson mod - Game 1

    Tides of Crimson (Fantasy Mod) - Succession Game Game #1 Please post here if interested in joining us. Thanks! Mod:. Civ 3: Tides of Crimson v2.92 Succession Game Players Max: 6 2/6 Players currently (4 open slots) We have started this game, but new players can feel free to jump in at any...
  4. E

    Civ III Menu Buttons not showing up on new computer

    I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface computer and downloaded Civ 3. Prior I had a Dell Inspirion and had 0 issues outside of the occasional freezing/closing of the game if I became impatient with something. Anyways, I just installed Civ 3 from the CD but now it gets me to the menu screen...
  5. Erlend Philip Wood

    Erlend's interface improvements 1.2

    ERLEND'S INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS Interface upgrade pack for Civ 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These improvements to the interface were made by me for the mod "2021 EXPANSION". The full mod can be downloaded here. Useful for both...
  6. ThesaurusRex

    [C3C] Mechanics Explorations

    I tried looking for an existing thread, but it's kind of hard to know what to search for so I decided better to just make one. Basically, I'm just curious about all the ways people have introduced or altered a mechanic in the editor (vanilla or cracked) to produce a novel gameplay result. Not...
  7. ThesaurusRex

    [C3C] Allowing barbarians to enslave units

    Coming back to this game I'm honestly impressed by the level at which people have utterly modified parts of the game I was positive were irreversibly hard-coded. How exactly it's done is over my head at the moment, but it's brought back something I've wanted to make possible for a while: what...
  8. Erlend Philip Wood

    2021 EXPANSION 8.1

    2021 EXPANSION Expansion pack for Civilization 3 Conquests ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 years in the making, countless tweaks to improve game balance and expand on game options, yet keeping the essence of the original gameplay...
  9. F

    C3X Release 16

    INCLUDES (** = new in latest version): Convenience features: Stack unit commands Stack bombard Worker buttons (irrigate, road, etc.) become stack buttons by holding CTRL Stack fortify, upgrade, and disband also with CTRL Disorder warning Detailed city production info Buttons on trade screen...
  10. SuedecivIII

    [C3C] Maze Of The Goblin King

    Maze Of The Goblin King is a Civ 3 based role playing game. It is inspired by high fantasy, and starts with your heroes trapped inside a twisted labyrinth, owned by The Goblin King. The goal is to escape the maze, by taking the prophecy to one of the gates visible on the map, in as few turns as...
  11. Stew Pid

    AI Mass Produces Generic Scouts for War

    So I seem to have encountered a bug were a civ in my scenario/mod will mass produce scouts more then any unit then think that those scouts are war units and in total end up losing badly to a human or AI player because of this tom foolery. I checked and this civ has only the "build defensive...
  12. Stew Pid

    Infinite Loading On The AI's Turn (SOLVED)

    As some of you may know or not, I was working on a scenario that had an issue of infinitely loading on the AI's turn no matter what Civ they were or how many were involved. I had been struggling with this issue for over a year, asking for help from various civ veterans and modders alike but to...
  13. Knightfall

    [C3C] Earth Map for Conquests?

    Does anyone here know a good Earth map for Conquests (TSL if possible)? I know they're are a few that shipped with the game, but they all seem to be for either the vanilla game or PTW.
  14. SunniBoi

    Looking for artists to make units, willing to pay

    Hello to all, I'm looking for people who can make units for civ 3, preferably medieval/fantasy centered units such as foot soldiers and perhaps dragons. I'm willing to pay for anyone's efforts and I would love to know how to just make these units myself. So any help would be appreciated...
  15. GTWO

    Recommended Used PC for Civ3

    my old Toshiba laptop that I have been playing Civ 3 Complete Edition CD has finally died. Any recommendations on a (cheap) replacement laptop that will run my Civ 3 cd ? My 2 year old HP with windows 10 will not run the disc and I've tried all the recommendations. Appreciate your suggestions.
  16. S

    Second half of the 19 century onwards single player mod

  17. G

    How to switch off popup messages in start of turn?

    In the begining of each turn there are a lot of messages above the cities like "Emperor day starts/Emperor day ends, City made pollution, City builds something" etc. When you have a governor and much cities it takes a lot time to wait all this messages pass. Can this messages be turned off? Is...
  18. L

    Is it possible to convert Civ 3 models to Civ IV?

    I am wondering if it is possible to convert civ 3 models to civ iv and then convert them to civ v? Any help would be great.
  19. Balthasar

    Oni Ryuu's "TLC Merchantile" Mod title screen by Balthasar 2018-08-03

    In February 2018, I contacted Oni Ryuu about making a title screen for his "TLC Merchantile" Modpack. After some false starts (my fault, honestly), Oni provided to me the dramatic image on which this title screen is based. It has since become one of my favorite title screens - I use it as one...
  20. Balthasar

    Gwendoline's "Man's Work" Mod Title Screen by Balthasar 2018-08-03

    Back in February 2018, I worked with Gwendoline on a number of ideas for a title screen for his "Man's Work" mod, and this dramatic image, from a photograph taken in the Afghanistan conflict, was the one we finally agreed on. I'm only now getting around to posting it to the database, but as the...
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