civ 5 modding

  1. R

    Need Help with Culture per merchant specialists

    I am currently making a civilization that gives 1 culture to every merchant specialists. I made a dummy building that give 1 culture yield and a lua script that should give 1 dummy building per merchant specialist. I adapted this script from the summa mod on steam workshop. However, nothing...
  2. Lordie Staven

    OCP's Svalbard Territory (V. 3.0) Version 3

    A .zip containing Lordie Staven's Svalbard civilization (V. 3.0). View the main thread for more info.
  3. Lordie Staven

    Lordie Staven's Civilizations [OCP]

    The Modder Formerly Known As Lordie's Civilizations: i go by skiesovercast now Released in partnership with the Overlooked Civs Project, even if I'm not always there! Join our Discord! Svalbard under Odd Olsen Ingerø Version 3 (May 2nd, 2020) Supports: Vox Populi, YnAEMP (v22-25), RtP...
  4. M

    [MOD] Project - Beyond Civilization

    Hello everybody ! I create this thread (hope it's the good place) in order to keep track of the progress of a modpack I'm creating, as well as to ask help, feedbacks, advices, etc. Who is this dude anyway ? To start off, I'm a junior game designer, just graduated from my school (in France)...
  5. L

    Invisible Cities using SQL

    So the problem I'm having is that sometimes the cities will vanish with only the city banner remaining. I've read on the forums that it's either "new building with DisplayPosition column inserted that clashes with another building" or "wrongly inserted art defines for building styles in SQL"...
  6. Grey Ackerman

    [BNW] Unique unit and building not showing up and a host of other problems

    Problems include: -Unique unit and building not appearing anywhere -Tech tree only shows the ancient era -Can only choose civ through advanced setup -Emblem art has a black box -Can't choose production after researching bronze working Any help would be welcome -Grey-
  7. T

    [G&K] Civ 5 Modding UU Help

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with two UU I've added to a new civilisation I've added. All other parts work fine but just the units dont. With logging enabled. I've identified the problem. Apparently I've invalidly referenced my units: [182025.421] Invalid Reference on...
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