civ 6 complaints

  1. G

    Game feeezing after April update - so frustrating

    I tried relaunching game from an earlier save. I made peace with one civ and was able to play for several more turns than I couldn't get past, but now it's freezing around turn 270. I thought it could be my laptop, so I saved the file off and loaded it onto my previous laptop, then updated...
  2. W

    I think they should revert this change..

    Sorry if this is not the correct place to put this but I created this account so the Civ devs could hear my opinion because I love the game, but this change made NO sense. With the latest update they changed Secret Societies so that only the 1st one gives a governor title, but still need 4...
  3. Cedbird77

    [R&F] Do we complain too much?

    Hello fellow Civfanatics! I have fell into this mode and I think there is a fair basis for it. I think we need to be self aware that we complain too much about the state of the game. Even more I think I have the reason. We are obsessed fanatics. I use Civ to relax from stress and it helps me...
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