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  1. A

    [GS] Help editing custom civilization traits and features

    Hello everyone, So I followed the guides on how to make a custom civ and its modifiers, but I'm really confused on that last part. I searched through the root files of the game, and found the IDs. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my traits to work, and I really find it hard to implement them. I...
  2. Pirate2377

    [GS] My leader image for the loading screen stopped showing up

    I've been working on a mod off and on for about 2 months and I'm nearly finished, the only thing that's needed at this point is custom music. However, this is my first mod so there's probably quite a bit about the game that I don't fully understand. Especially since I've been having this weird...
  3. FurionHuang

    Tutorial: Adding Music to Your MOD Civilization

    So as I promised @sukritact , I'm gonna post a tutorial showing how to make MOD music work. First you will need Wwise v2015.1.9, most of us should use 64-bit version. Create a new project in Wwise, name the project whatever you wish. Under "Layouts" of menu bar, select Interactive Music...
  4. C

    Modding StagingRoom.lua to increase player cap

    Hi, I'm in the process of making my first mod, and I cannot find any modding guide for the area of Civ 6 code that I want to edit. I want my mod to set the maximum number of players in both single player, LAN multiplayer, and online multiplayer, to the total number of leaders the player can...
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