civ 6 mods

  1. M

    Mod Help

    I know, I know, another mod question, but I swear I've been googling this for 3 days trying to figure out the issue with no luck. I've had Civ6 on Mac for years, tried to start playing it again after a couple of months, and found that all of my mods are gone. They show up in 'additional...
  2. R

    RPPB Units Martyred Screen 2.0

    RPPB Units Martyred Screen -------------------------------------- 11/05/19 After getting a massive number of requests to be able to edit names of units at any level, I tried to find a solution for it. Despite trying various ways to achieve it, I couldn't find an exact solution for it, the...
  3. ShawnBenji

    Huge Japan civilization VI Map

    GENERAL INFORMATION ON MAP SCENARIO: Civilization VI domination map for Japan. This map recreates the island nation of Japan, the various surrounding islands and terrain with great accuracy. The goal of this scenario is reclaim the land of the raising sun from the filthy foreigners that has...
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