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  1. H

    Civilization 6 Fanmade Music

    Hey all, I made a custom piece of music trying to replicate civ 6's musical style. It's not perfect, but I really like how it turned out. It's based of "Hine Ma Tov", a Jewish folk song that I envisioned as the theme for an Israel civ. It would mean a lot to me if y'all checked it out. Thanks...
  2. Boa's Mod Productions

    CIVILIZATION VI - Boa's Music Template

    Welp, it has been too long, so I finally released a music template! All that's left is to put your music in, and adjust the settings! DOWNLOAD LINKS Google Drive: Github...
  3. MoySauce

    Lead Composer, Geoff Knorr on TheCivShow Podcast

    Geoff offers us some very interesting stories including controversy with the Cree music, how he recorded remotely with Vietnam's music (including shipping 70lbs of equipment to accomplish the task) and some of his favourite pieces he's made for the soundtrack.
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