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  1. X

    How to use Production, Gold, and Faith in Civ 7?

    Production, Gold, and Faith are the major currencies for purchasing unit, building, and districts. Personally, I feel gold right now is just bankable production and faith is something you either really need or you can completely ignore. I would prefer that each civilization tries to find a...
  2. FishFishFish

    What dynasty should China's leader be from in Civ VII?

    I avoided the time periods where China was fragmented so vote other if you want a leader from those periods.
  3. FishFishFish

    Arabia's portrayal in Civ VII

    Arabia’s portrayal in Civ VI has peeved me for a long time. Firstly the choice of Saladin, while I do not necessarily think Saladin is a bad choice for Arabia (although I’d rather see an actual Arabian Caliph instead), his focus on science despite being the leader during the turbulence of the...
  4. Duke William of Normandy

    What Music do you want as Civ Themes in Civ 7?

    The question is pretty straightforward, but I'll just explain it anyway. So basically, my question asks what particular music do you want to be in Civ 7 as a Civ theme. As an example, Hard Times Come Again No More is the Civ Theme for America in Civ 6. I'll be looking forward to your answers.
  5. chrisgatt7

    CIV VI Realism and House rules

    I want to start out by saying how much I love CIV VI. Its an amazing game and truly in my opinion the best Civilization game. Though I wish we had the amount of Mods Civilization V does. That being said I love realism, so I have created some basic house rules from the Industrial age onward to...
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