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  1. CGQ

    [BTS] How do I get out of an economic situation like this? (Immortal Isolated game)

    So I started playing an old game from two years ago (continents, no huts/events). The leader is Bismark and I had this nice double corn start. I met my very close neighbor Pacal II and when I found I had copper I did a nice Axe rush and with only 8 axes was able to take all his 3 cities filled...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] Shadow Game Time!! Immortal Game To Further up my Game!

    Haven't done one of these in a while so I figured I might as well! I'll finish this one all the way to the end!
  3. CGQ

    [BTS] How in the world does Pacal II tech so fast?!

    I've played this game for years and one thing that baffles me like crazy is every time Pacal II is an AI, if I don't kill him early in the game, he will tech so fast it's insane. How is that possible? What does he do differently (as an AI) that the others don't? Can someone who's more...
  4. CGQ

    [BTS] My Very First Deity Shadow Game Ever! It's finally time...(Re-Roll Edition)

    The time has come. Years of training have all but led up to this moment. Many games have been won, many games lost, and many games I just quit halfway through cuz I don't got no damn time. But long last, I will finally take on the hardest difficulty CIV IV has to offer! Deity!! Oh how...
  5. CGQ

    [BTS] New Shadow Game...But with several twists!

    Instead of the usual settings, I've been winning a lot of Immortal domination games lately so I decided to try a Terra map this time :D
  6. CGQ

    [BTS] How often do you re-load? I do it all the time and I want to know if I'm the only one

    I've played this game for the last 3 years and I can't tell you how many times I've raged/reloaded! I usually try to avoid re-loading. When I gamble for instance, fine. But... Lose a super-promoted great general in a 80-90% odds battle? Reload. Lose a settler to a bear? Reload. Mis-click...
  7. A

    use of console

    I am a newbie here but have been playing CIV for many years. I now want to explore the use of the cheats in CIV IV. I have set the cheat code to 'chipotle' and using the control, shift, etc. keys can see details of terrain, people. What I cannot do is open the console. I try the tilde key ~...
  8. H

    [BTS] Immortal/Deity Player looking for interesting games and tips

    Hi all, first time poster here so I will provide some sort of intro, I have played civ 4 since I was 6 years old when it first came out and then played a bunch of MMOs and came back to civ 4 again this year in april when I took an ancient civs course in university. As a child I didn't really...
  9. Deliverator

    Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch 5.5

    To celebrate the release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, this patch adds content from the new movie to Dune Wars: Revival 1.10. The patch has evolved into a modmodmod with a number of gameplay changes in addition to new artwork. Presenting the Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch...
  10. MalayanGamer

    Help me everyone!!

    I tried to Change Karolin unit art but when i tried to changed it the civilopedia just disappear. Help me guys!!! I just want to change a art for a Karolin unit to make it better!!
  11. CGQ

    [BTS] I did it! I won my first Immortal Game!!!

    I finally did it! Today I finally won a game on Immortal! How did I do it?
  12. CGQ

    [BTS] Help on Winning Immortal Joao II Game: 4/6 Civs Vassaled

    I decided to take a little break from the shadow game and play my own Immortal game for fun, this time with Joao II of Portugal. I think my improvements from the last two games are showing now, since I started a Cuir rush at 900 BC (the earliest I ever started one!). I had a lot of nice land too...
  13. MalayanGamer

    Frederick the Great REMAKE 2020-07-01

    This is just a recolor of Frederick the Great Leaderhead to make it more accurate.
  14. CGQ

    [BTS] My First Immortal Game with Hannibal

    I want to really learn and be challenged so I decided to finish my last emperor game (details in my previous thread) and start this one! Now I'm curious what I'm getting myself into. What's the difference between emperor and immortal? Is this where the AI gets a free worker at the start? Is it...
  15. MalayanGamer

    I changed George III Leaderhead

    I don't know if anyone okay with this but here's the result.
  16. Imaus

    Civilization IV - the manual.

    Anyone else still have their manual? The nice physical one, that feels perfect in your hands, 224 pages of information and nostalgia. I can still remember the smell of it when it was new. I still have my copy. I wonder if it could be scanned up? The pages are alright, though the cover and back...
  17. Knightfall

    Forum Game

    As some of you might already know, I'm fairly new to CIV 4, and have been getting killed by the AI every game. Following the advice of some people on this board, I have decided to post my most recent game here in order to get advice as I progress. I am playing as Hannibal, Noble, Pangea, all...
  18. Knightfall

    [BTS] Boxed-In By AI

    Every time I play this game, I wind up getting "boxed-in" by the AI by the end of the Classical Age. By this, I mean that I can't settle more cities because I've gotten completely surrounded by AI civs, so my only alternatives are to either attack them and take their cities, which is a problem...
  19. L

    Is it possible to convert Civ 3 models to Civ IV?

    I am wondering if it is possible to convert civ 3 models to civ iv and then convert them to civ v? Any help would be great.
  20. BOndTriumph

    Civ IV BtS Multiplayer?

    Anyone know if I need to download the pitboss to play any version of Civ IV multiplayer? Does it still work? Any open games starting soon?
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