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  1. E

    [R&F] Unenjoyable after Renaissance Era. Tips???

    Hello fanatics, I wanted to open a new thread, this time to talk about the late part experiences of CIV VI R&F. At the beggining when I start a CIV VI game I enjoy very much the first part: exploring the map, planning (wich city will be specialized in what..., what part to explore, deffending...
  2. T

    R&F Unearned Achievements

    Here's a new one? In the past few days I earned two achievement I should not have. A few days ago, I purposely set out to earn Metroplex - completely surround my Government Plaza with districts or wonders I earn at the start of the turn. I had three of those hexes filled when the badge popped...
  3. The Saxy Gamer

    Rise and Fall Governors Thread!

    Hello! I've been doing some Civ VI Rise and Fall coverage, and this week I'm highlighting each of the new governors! This thread can be for general discussion about them and ideas on how to use them! -TheSaxyGamer Victor: Amani:
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