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  1. M

    South Pacific and South East Asia Map 3

    I wanted to create a larger Australia, NZ, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. I believe this map does that. It was created in World Builder, it is not entirely accurate mainly with the islands. But I did have some historic fun with Civilisations and City States, mainly there names. I was having...
  2. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 396: Objective Performance Metrics for Civilization at School

    The three hundred-and-ninety-sixth episode of PolyCast, “Objective Performance Metrics for CIvlization at School“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan"...
  3. blackbutterfly

    Have You Ditched Civ VI and Returned to Civ V?

    Nostalgia playing Old World inspired me to crack open my dusty digital edition of Civ V after almost a decade. And you know what? I forgot what an awesome game it was! It can hold it's own to Civ VI. In fact, IMO it's gameplay is superior to Civ VI! What do you think?
  4. Knightfall

    [NFP] Is this a Bug?

    Had this happen in one of my games a few days ago and was wondering if this is a bug or a deliberate tactic by the AI. It's confusing as it seems as thought the AI is essentially voting to punish itself.
  5. TyrannusRex

    Civ VI Fonts

    Does anyone happen to know what fonts are used in Civ VI? Mostly, I'm curious about the fonts used on the loading/leader screens, the in-game city names, and the little text used on popups or in descriptions. Any help is much appreciated. :thumbsup:
  6. R

    [NFP] (Linux) Game crashing since I bought New Frontier Pass, can't even get to the leader loading screen

    So yeah, that's weird. I had Platinum Edition and it worked fine on my laptop, played quite a few turns on it, restarted multiple times, no problem After that I bought New Frontier Pass and as the title says, I can't play anymore. I can get into main menu just fine, tinker with options and...
  7. Knightfall

    [NFP] "Unhandled Exception" Error

    My friends and I couldn't play mp the other day because we kept having crashes and desyncs. Every few minutes one of us would get an error that looks like this: "Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error reading address 0x30 Call Stack...
  8. Zegangani

    ALL Bugs, AI actions and UI Elements in Civ VI we want to have fixed

    Since Civ VI Developers are constantly checking this Community for Feedback and Suggestions from CivFanatics (Civ/ Leader & CS Pickers, Barbarian Mode...etc), and the Bugs Section to gather more Infos about the Bugs...etc, I thought it might be a good Idea to make a Thread just to submit ALL the...
  9. Zegangani

    [NFP] How satisfied are you with NFP (So far - Updates included)?

    It's been 9 Months now since we got the 1st NFP Pack, The Maya-GrandColumbia Pack with Apocalypse Mode, and now, so far, we got 7 new Civilizations, 10 new Leaders/Alt-Leaders, 7 new Game Modes, 1 new Scenario and plenty of other Stuff (Bug and Balance Fixes, New Features, improved AI...etc)...
  10. Trashperson

    Tradition (Up to date with Barbarian Clans update) 2.0

    Tradition is a simple flavour mod that renames several aspects of the game for accuracy and immersion, with all parts being modular in the settings. This mod's genesis was with how it always kinda bugged me that the legacy policy cards had such uninspired names, being just the government's name...
  11. Trashperson

    Religion Expanded, Shrunk 1.0

    I personally am a very vanilla-focused player, and only occasionally use mods that add content to the game. However, after playing around with p0khiel's Religion Expanded, I found myself enamored with the religion number slider, and could not bear to live without it. So I gutted the original mod...
  12. AntSou

    Civ 7 Speculation: Fundamental changes.

    Civ 7 needs to be a significant enough departure from Civ 6 to justify the purchase. Here are some fundamental changes I speculate we'll see: 1. They'll replace the big leaders and complex movements with simplified portraits similar to Civ IV; 2. They'll ditch the millennial Civs/Leaders in...
  13. Trashperson

    Periphery (Now compatible with CIVITAS CSE) 1.3

    Periphery is a deceptively simple mod for Civ 6 which renames all base game and DLC city-states after their real-life current and historical nations. This is by renaming the mini-'Civ' which owns the city-state- so what appears in the city-state menu- but not the actual city owned by said...
  14. Vanilla Feline

    [GS] 2020 World Builder - Starting Locations Help

    I am putting together a map where I am aiming to have all Civs and City States start with predetermined starting locations. The goal of the map is to be an alternative to TSL Earth maps, where the map itself is unique but follows a similar geographical and historical logic to Earth. That...
  15. Pcyoung

    Just started modding

    Hello, So I am kinda new to modding but I was wondering if there is a civ 6 modding manual that walks you trough making a mod? If not there should be one for civ V and VI It just hard to learn how, like I can't find a lot of good ways to learn. so far the best way I was able to start...
  16. D

    Complete new-comer to Civilization

    Hi, all. I'm a complete new-comer to not just Civ VI, but Civilization entirely! Can anyone point me to a particularly good "Getting Started for Complete Newbies" web page? And a more specific early game question: What are your priorities in, say, the first 10 to 20 turns?
  17. Deliverator

    Re-texturing Visual Effects Tutorial 2019-10-16

    This is a simple how-to guide on re-texturing VFX in Civilization VI.
  18. R

    Do you ever consider what is next for Civ VI? I do!

    I’ve written a blog post about the current state of Civ and where it maybe going in the future:
  19. Rafalaf

    Timeline Fix

    The timeline was, I thought, a very nice little feature. However, I feel there is something missing. A historical timeline without all the wars mentioned on it? Even though you don't earn any era score, when someone declares a war on you should also be put into the timeline. When you capture or...
  20. M

    [GS] Play by mail game broke

    I have been playing a Civ VI Gathering Storm play by cloud game with a friend for quite a while now and today something strange happend: Of the former 7 players (humans and ai) only two were shown in the staging room screen (see screenshot). And these two remaining parties show broken...
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