1. King Phaedron

    Is CIV really just an upgraded game of MULE? Irrata World Map

    M.U.L.E (Multi Utility Labor Element) was a very old and quirky game where the object was to achieve prosperity colonizing a new planet. You selected plots of land, and chose between farming, mining, and producing energy. You traded goods in auction with other AI players (Mechtrons) and the...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] Completely puzzled by this map. I have tried multiple strategies and can't figure it out

    So I've been playing this immortal map for a while now and I'm just puzzled. I can't seem to break out no matter what I try and after rage-quitting several times, I realized I need some professional help here lol. I have both attached the current file and the 4000 BC one for anyone who wants...
  3. CGQ

    [BTS] How do I get out of an economic situation like this? (Immortal Isolated game)

    So I started playing an old game from two years ago (continents, no huts/events). The leader is Bismark and I had this nice double corn start. I met my very close neighbor Pacal II and when I found I had copper I did a nice Axe rush and with only 8 axes was able to take all his 3 cities filled...
  4. B

    7 ideas for Civ 7-Unit training, group alliances, shared military, and more

    Well, Civ 7 has finally been announced. I'm sure everyone has their personal wishlist, wanted to include mine: 1. Revamped Unit Recruitment: You shouldn't have to use your production queue to build units. It has never made sense to me to have to choose between building a library and recruiting...
  5. C

    A new approach to difficulty in CIV

    I think that the CIV series should acknowledge that the player is a nigh-omniscient (knows all or most of history, knows their population, climate, and can see all revealed areas at once) nigh-omnipresent (can issue commands to any unit anywhere), and immortal (lasts thousands of years). That is...
  6. S

    Custom Leader Ability Applies To ALL Civs

    I made a custom civ and a custom leader for it, and the leader ability spawns a free melee unit every time the player builds a camp or a pasture. It actually worked pretty well, until we found out that this bonus applies to every leader. The ability is not exclusive to my custom leader and I...
  7. C

    magic slider for civ spinoff

    magic slider for civ- all civ games have been historical flavored games, but lately its getting boring. total war has introduced fantasy. paradox has introduced fantasy. it's firaxis' turn. now how would you introduce fantasy in a game like this...easy. a magic slider, from No magic (normal Civ...
  8. Blake00

    Forever Future Mod 1.7

    WHAT IS FOREVER FUTURE? It is a complex mod for the Civilization: Call to Power game (the first one), released by Activision in 1999, which we believe to be the best Civilization-like game that has ever hit the market. It means that you must have a copy of the game in order to play the Forever...
  9. S

    Advanced Civ Plus

    This is literally based on the existed mod: "Advanced Civ" It contains new arts, units, buildings, trait, civs and etc. Like I said on the download page, if you have any suggestion, just leave comments on this thread.
  10. lqwertyp

    Your best strategy needed to save my civ-day!

    Hi all! it’s my day off in a very long time and I’m preparing for a very long civ session but I need your help. I can’t choose the civ I want to play with. Since I couldn’t choose, I thought: who better to ask then you? My question: what is your favorite strategy x Civ combination in civ 6...
  11. T

    Mods Loading from Saved Games

    Hi All, Quick question, if you don't mind. Recently pickup this game, after saving and loading a saved game the mods associated are no longer enabled. So my question is, what can an average person who is new to the game can do save a game without disabling mods? Things I tried to do myself...
  12. GarryLLC

    Favourite Civ and strategy

    Hi everyone! Tell me what are your favorite civs, victory types and settings. Not only the civilization that you choose, but also what victory are you going for, what map type, size, game speed and modes you select. Also tell me what's your favorite strategy (whether you go tall/wide, aggressive...
  13. Trashperson

    Tradition (Up to date with Barbarian Clans update) 2.0

    Tradition is a simple flavour mod that renames several aspects of the game for accuracy and immersion, with all parts being modular in the settings. This mod's genesis was with how it always kinda bugged me that the legacy policy cards had such uninspired names, being just the government's name...
  14. Trashperson

    Religion Expanded, Shrunk 1.0

    I personally am a very vanilla-focused player, and only occasionally use mods that add content to the game. However, after playing around with p0khiel's Religion Expanded, I found myself enamored with the religion number slider, and could not bear to live without it. So I gutted the original mod...
  15. MalayanGamer

    M.G. Civ collection thread

    Welcome everyone to my own civ collection thread. This thread will showcase my civ that i have either improved from the other civ that has made by other people in this community, or making one from scratch. And also, this was inspired by @Dumanios and @cybrxkhan style of Civ module, which...
  16. G

    Centralization: A Suggested Concept for Civ 7

    A common trend throughout history seems to be the waxing and waning of centralized power as opposed to more local authority. We can juxtapose modern Greece with the rabble of culturally related but politically independent city-states it was in ancient times, with the Delian League perhaps...
  17. CivLifeRyoutube


    In this post I am going to be detailing how to play Arabia on deity victory as shown in this video series: Arabia is one of the original civs that came out with civ 6 vanilla. Arabia, to this day, is one of the strongest hybrid civs in the entire game. They might not be the strongest at any...
  18. MalayanGamer

    Can someone please give me a blank RFCA map?

    I anyone please tell where can i find a asia map that was used in RFCA? I couldn't find any blank rfca map! The only Asia map i found was the one that doesn't include India subcontinent. Please somebody help me i couldn't found blank rfca map! :(:wallbash: :run:
  19. Trashperson

    Periphery (Now compatible with CIVITAS CSE) 1.3

    Periphery is a deceptively simple mod for Civ 6 which renames all base game and DLC city-states after their real-life current and historical nations. This is by renaming the mini-'Civ' which owns the city-state- so what appears in the city-state menu- but not the actual city owned by said...
  20. MalayanGamer

    Help me everyone!!

    I tried to Change Karolin unit art but when i tried to changed it the civilopedia just disappear. Help me guys!!! I just want to change a art for a Karolin unit to make it better!!
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