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  1. tangjinfeng

    Spanish riflemen 2023-08-29

    Spanish riflemen, Ceuta Garrison Regiment, African War period 1860s Use riflemen animation
  2. tangjinfeng

    Spanish Army (Peninsular War) new

    This is my work from a long time ago, modified by the Spanish musketeer in Mod RI, because his hat is not historically true, the Spanish army did not have this Belgic Shako after modifying the uniform in 1812. In fact it only appears in some French paintings, such as the Spanish troops depicted...
  3. tangjinfeng

    Gran Colombia army 1826-1830 2023-07-30

    Army of the Republic of Gran Colombia 1826-1830, modified according to the Mondragón Studios Dev Team Total War Module Pack Including Gran Colombian infantry(redcoat) light infantry(OromoWarrior) artillery(cannon) national militia(redcoat and OromoWarrior) line cavalry(keshik) light...
  4. tangjinfeng

    Latin American unit of tang

    Hi everyone, making units for Latin America has been my desire for many years. The original reason was that I played doc many years ago, and Latin American civilization was always ridiculously replaced by a Spanish look, when in fact they were completely different. It's just that at that time I...
  5. tangjinfeng

    Burmese cavalry 2023-03-07

    Konbaung dynasty's cuirassiers and cavalry, reflecting the image of Burmese cavalry in the early 19th century and 1880s Use cuirassiers and cavalry animations
  6. tangjinfeng

    Cassay 2023-02-21

    Cassay is the Burmese name for the Manipur cavalry, who played an important role in 18th-century Burma. Includes 3 versions of cassay, their skeletons from the Indian hussar made by Bakul and the Turkish hussar in RI, where cassay 1 uses companion_cavalry animation and cassay 2 and 3 use...
  7. tangjinfeng

    Vietnamese army 2023-02-20

    The relocated Vietnamese soldiers, including three pikemen with different weapons(qua、ji、and chinese guan dao), and musketeers, fusiliers, and riflemen.The assets came from armor made for MB by the Vietnamese mod team, as well as the EU4 Dai Viet Unit Pack Only made them at the moment, I'll...
  8. tangjinfeng

    siamese army Restored Siamese Javelinmen

    Remastered Siamese Army, based on the Southeast Asian Army of Bakuel and Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth production
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