1. S

    [CIV5] I want to remove leader - year banner when game start new turn

    Hello all, I want to remove leader - year banner when game start new turn but i dont know how to do it. Do you know any mod or go to any lua or xml file to remove this?
  2. F

    [BNW] Any up to date reliable guides on importing custom models, textures and anims for units?

    Preferably I would want to find somebody who can make 3d models for certain unique units(mostly airship units) that im wanting to add to the game as well as other custom unit models, sounds, animations, ETC, possibly willing to commission/throw money at you if you know how to import custom art...
  3. Iconian

    [BNW] Recon Flavors mod trouble

    This is about two separate but related issues. About a year ago I created a mod that changes the recon flavors all the leaders in Civ 5. Recently I updated it, and then I tested it. In short, I've combined the recon mod with my cheap scouts mod, hoping the AI's would build quite a few more...
  4. Iconian

    [BNW] How do I activate a .lua file for my mod?

    I thought this would be pretty simple, but after looking around I'm not really sure. I've made a number of .xml changes in a mod I'm working on right now. However, I decided that I'd like to include the mods some others have made as well, but with some modifications to make them compatible...
  5. King Phaedron

    Game of Thrones

    Kings Landing to exist in game... as a city on turn 0... ruled by random player. All other players receive something else in compensation, perhaps a free settler. Presumes to rule over the whole game world... able to demand tributes successfully, all players must comply with tributes or declare...
  6. King Phaedron

    Vinland CANT enter the Renaissance

    The Vinland civilization is irredeemably broken! You can't have them in the game or play as them past the Medieval age. The creator apparantly did not give them spy names or something like that. I am playing a game with Siuc, Vinland, Ayutthaya, Gael, Catatania, Amazons, Bohemia, and Eagleland...
  7. King Phaedron

    Mod to LIMIT border growth to 3 tiles

    Is there a way I can edit the game so that border growth beyond 3 tiles simply does not happen? I searched and only ever found mods and people asking for unlimited border growth or the ability to work 5 tiles. I mean God forbid your culture cost is a tiny bit higher. It's ugly and often...
  8. J

    [BNW] Need help toubleshooting new released expermental mod...

    Currently released mod here: MARKED AS !EXPERMENTAL issue is that is mod can't get work with any soundtrack even i use .ogg or .mp3 it doesn't seem recognize at all (...) it's audio debug system showing audio script ID : N/A...
  9. King Phaedron

    AI Cannot Use Bermuda Triangle / Single Player doesn't exist

    I made a map with Maori starting in one ocean tile, surrounded by mountains, with enough inner land just to make a decent capital. If this had worked, I was going to build a map around it, with the expectation that Maori could be anywhere. This turned out to be much less interesting, because the...
  10. yepzer

    [BNW] Claiming tiles far away at sea

    Hi all, Often you want to claim resources or strategic points on the map - with out having to build cities. For the land masses there are interesting mod around forts, citadels and outposts: Fortress Borders (by preffect, on steam). I have originally seen it by conan.morris - sorry if I get...
  11. yepzer

    [BNW] Workers to units and back

    As with Civ4 (old mod, 14 years ago :shifty: ) I wanted the option to change workers to units, and back again.... Swords to Plow shears, wartime call to arms, Worker boom when returning from war - or as I ended up calling it: Call of the Motherland... attached below. Here's my experiences...
  12. yepzer

    [BNW] A Winter Wonderland mod

    Hi all, There's so little snow here this winter, and I wanted a landscape full of snow and snowmen.... Time to dust off the old modding skills... This mod (v2) consists of two parts: Snowy landscape (plains, desert, marsh, grass tiles are white of snow) Frosty The Snowman improvement for...
  13. Deljade

    Berries for VP 2.0

    Small scope mod that attempts to introduce a new bonus resource to Vox Populi in the most seamless way possible. A lot of attention in balance and map generation and icons. Requires VP (1) (2) and (5), works with either EUI or no-EUI. Extract Berries for VP (v 2) and place in your MODS folder...
  14. King Phaedron

    Mod to Puppet Cities and Repeat Key for City Projects

    I really, REALLY, need a Mod that lets you puppet captured cities, AND/OR a Mod that adds a Repeat Key for City Projects, telling the city to repeat production on what it made last time. Seriously, this is ridiculous. CIV6 encourages a lot of cities compared to Civ5, yet Civ5 had the gold...
  15. King Phaedron

    wow Missile Cruisers suck!

    If you stick around long enough, the AI will have lots and lots of Nuclear Submarine Armada's. Even one Nuclear Submarine is a serious threat to an Armada of Missile Cruisers. I understand that they are upgrades of the Privateer's formally used for pillaging and attacking land units, but how...
  16. King Phaedron

    Need a MOD that turns Civ5 into Civ6 (Governers, Envoys, etc)

    Civilization 6 is an unfixable mess. The terrible AI, Inconsistent Rules, inability to puppet or generate gold, faith, science without selecting a city project every turn, the constant timeline interruption everytime your bomber destroys an armada or army, it's downright atrocious, it really is...
  17. W

    Lower Settler Production Cost

    I'm trying to make a unique unit for a civ that is a settler that can be produced faster than a normal settler. I'm not sure which value I need to change in the Settler xml file however in order to do this.
  18. I

    Question about modding

    Hello. Do u know how to write a code to have an effect working when I choose the social policy tree?
  19. B

    How can my icon be out of the circle?

    With many tries, my icon still keep in the circle. Though I have extra part out of the circle in the template but in the game it's still in the circle. How can I make a icon like the original icons. It's not nice enough now.
  20. B

    Some basic iterate problems in Lua

    Hi, everyone, I'm a beginner to the Lua with civ5. First, we want to mod something, we need to find it. Now I only know how to find players, but how to find cities, units etc. The outdated wiki doesn't seem to show that. Can you help me?
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