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  1. jarcast2

    Jarcast & pineappledan's Hittites for VP 1.1

    Discussion thread.
  2. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Nan Madol (VP) 1.3

    Discussion thread.
  3. LyarSoft

    CIV5MPDLL: dll for solving multiplayer sync problems

    This is based on whoward's DLLVMCv97. When executing custom UI functions, call instance:SendAndExecuteLuaFunction("CvLuaUnit::l#FunctionName#", Arguments) instead of calling the function itself to execute that function on all the clients in a multiplayer game, which will not cause re-sync. Usage...
  4. S

    Grassland Texture Fix

    There is a certain graphical feature in Civ V that many are not aware of. The first post of this thread lays it out nicely ( I realized long ago that whether or not I was on a pretty 'continent texture pack' was very important to...
  5. Solidirio

    Proposal: Nationalities and Migrations

    Hi, first of all this is my first post in this awesome community, and im here since the amount of people who still create stuff for this game is trully amazing - :c5capital: Basically something like what was done in the Cultural Diffusion mod, by giving the citizens of each city a nationality...
  6. K

    Civ 5 budget?

    Hi. I was wondering what the budget for Civ 5 was. I was looking online to find it like I do for movies but I couldn't. It says the game was in development for more than 3 years, team grew from 7 to over 50 people but budget has nowhere to be found. Can someone please give me an estimate on how...
  7. MariusMagnus

    Mother 3: The Porky Empire 1.0

    Adds Porky to lead the Porky Empire. UA: Master of Time and Space - May purchase units from future eras. We Love the King Days increase the city's Gold output by 25% and cuts its Unhappiness in half. A WLTKD begins whenever you conquer or found a city for both your capital and the new city...
  8. A

    Luxury resource for new Civilization

    Hi Is it possible to make my civilization automatically start near unimproved wine luxury resources just by editing the xml files? If yes, how? Moved to main modding forum. - Recursive
  9. D

    Looking to commission somebody to make a mod

    Hello, I've been messing with the Civilization V SDK for awhile now and I just can't figure it out. I've decided I want to go the route of commissioning somebody to make a mod for me. I'm not sure how much one would pay for such a thing, but I would really like to see my idea be playable and I'm...
  10. jarcast2

    SaraiMSI's Lombard League 2.1

    UA: Oath of Pontida When at war, land military units can be purchased at cost of City's :c5strength: strength, disappearing upon peace declaration and converting XP to :c5gold: Gold. Trade routes increase origin City's :c5strength: strength and :c5production: Production of military units. UU...
  11. Iconian

    Multiplayer, XML's, DLC folders and stuff

    I've visited the CivFanatics forum a number of times in the past, but now I've decided to create an account and start this thread. I have a few questions about mods. I started working on a very large Civ 5 mod about 2 years ago, but ended up having new priorities arise and couldn't get back to...
  12. Y

    Does anyone knows which file in civ5 response for cities graphics?

    I just wanna make industrial cities keep appearace in modern era, because musketeers fighting for glass skyscrapers lokking ridiculous. Some dudes already made this for civ6, i just wanna do it for civ 5 too
  13. jarcast2

    Sarai MSI's Carantania 2021-01-08

    Mirror for steam workshop. More info here.
  14. Seraiel

    [BNW] Tried out the Trial version of CIV5

    I originally wanted to keep playing CIV4, and also will do so, because I found out, that it's still the best game of all times. Gameplay is just worth more than Graphics. But I tried, and the graphics are really nice. I' ll still stay with Civilization IV, maybe for all times, maybe only until...
  15. FeiLing

    Achievement Saves (for the lazy and/or the frustrated people out there)

    READ THIS: :nuke: NONE of the individual Dropbox links below will work any longer :nuke: INSTEAD you NEED to download the full batch of saves (7z archive) from Mega here: Download from: All_Civ5_Achievement_Saves.7z (67,2mb) [MEGA] :goodjob: or: All_Civ5_Achievement_Saves.7z (67,2mb)...
  16. Porkenstein

    The Saxons (Widukind) 1.0

    The Saxons under Widukind are a defensive civ with high faith yields while their cities are defended from foreign religious influence. In the early Medieval Era they gain a military advantage with the Degan and a religious bonus with the Irminsul that compliments their defensive bonuses. To...
  17. P

    CIV 5 (Steam ver) Missing Text

    Hello everyone, I am here on behalf of my wife who loves to play CIV5. She used to play on her old laptop which runs too slow. Lately I built a new PC with better specs for her to play but for some reason, all text are not loading in the game. Screenshots...
  18. Porkenstein

    Bohemia (Wallenstein) (Brave New World) 1.0

    Bohemia under Wallenstein is a heavily military and Gold-focused civ whose truest opportunity for advancement arrives in the renaissance era with the unlocking of both unique units. If he is able to achieve a strong Gold income by the unlocking of Gunpowder, Wallenstein can leap upon the world...
  19. E

    [Available for Testing] EW's All-Russia 0.5

    So, before I release a finished product I decided I'd release a version for others to test. It should have finished Lua, but if there's any errors please let me know. (This version is mostly meant for testing use, and will not be kept up-to-date as the mod progresses.)
  20. A_Wandering_Man

    [BNW] Adding City State Influence per turn with trade routes a la VP?

    Hi all, So I want to make a mod civ with a building that gives a small amount of influence per turn with a city state that you have a trade route with. Trouble is, I have no idea how to go about this. I've noticed, however, that basically the same thing exists as a policy in Vox Populi in...
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