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  1. BurgerKuo

    HELP! Are there any geniuses can create a civilization mod for me?

    I need a specialist to create and modify a civilization mod for me, including traits, leader animation or picture, icon, etc. Any tips or advises? message me please.
  2. 1

    Modded Civs Rated as Compatible with the Vox Populi

    Moded Civs Compatible with Vox Populi Have you downloaded a Modded Civilization and used it successfully with Vox Populi? If so, let the community know. I will update the following list accordingly. The list is divided into three parts. The first part lists Modded Civs that appear to work with...
  3. C

    Questions about New Civilization City Names

    So with the mod I'm currently developing the second city I founded grabbed the name 'Mecca' instead of what I have told it are names for dutch cities. Thus my brain formulated a few questions: Is there a minimum amount of city names required? Is there a maximum? Can someone provide an example...
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