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climate change

  1. TheBlueKing

    Negative climate change - no effect?

    Capturing carbon emissions does not reverse climate change, even if temperature goes low as -7 compared to Ancient Era? There should be some effects on climate if temperatures were lower so much, right?
  2. Narz

    Can we similar mass-measures to mitigate climate change as we've taken w Covid?

    The public has shown that they're largely wiling to tolerate staying locked indoors for months upon months, having their businesses shut down, having their parents die alone w no visitors & in general dealing with extreme boredom & isolation. Corona was/is a problem directly effecting a handful...
  3. Awuxy

    [GS] Civ 6 Meteorology/Disaster/Weather Prediction Idea

    I posted this originally on r/Civ, and got alot of positive feedback, with other ideas. Given that civ 6 has a wide range of meteorological events, from hurricanes, to blizzards, to tornadoes, and floods, with their varying strengths, couldn't it be possible to add some elements to the...
  4. Tyroq

    [GS] Climate Change Quirks

    So in my most recent game (emperor-Mali), I discovered something interesting and quirky about dealing with flooded tiles. It seems that, if you swap a flooded tile to the control of a city that already has flood barriers up, the flooded tile will instantly gain a flood barrier and become...
  5. Imaus

    What's going to change in a Earth that's 8c hotter?

    I call this 'Cooked Earth'. This the IPCC 8.5C scenario. There's a lot of uncertainty going around as to what will really change on the ground. I, for one, am very interested in this. Here are some examples of stuff I've come across. Note how Central Asia turns into something like the...
  6. U

    [GS] Why should I care about Climate Change?

    Global Warming is a new feature on GS. Awesome. I can adapt green technologies to reduce climate change. Very cool. But why does it matter? Here is the thing. The reason why global warming exists in real life is because the people in power would rather make money than implement expensive...
  7. SpartanU

    Global Warming Mechanics

    How does the global warming mechanic currently work in HR 1.24.1? In my games I've noticed global warming events are concentrated around extremely unhealthy cities, but are the vanilla global warming mechanics also enabled? I'm pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that all the K-Mod global...
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